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Fiddler On The Wrong Roof!

guest blog by Nila Ridings

From my previous Wichita, Kansas story you might recall folks there have some weird and wicked things happen to them. 

Rozalin Taylor was away from home for a few hours, and stunned by what she saw when she returned. Half of her roof was gone, not because of wind, but because of a lost roofing crew. At first, Rozalin thought she was being surprised with a new roof compliments of members of her church.
Reality set in and she went searching for whoever had done the damage and left truck tracks in her lawn. The roofing company working right down the street claimed no knowledge of ever being on her roof.  Finally, some helpful friends papered the bare roof to help protect her from an approaching storm.
Rozalin learned she wasn’t the first homeowner in the area missing part of their roof simply because a roofing company couldn’t read addresses!
Could somebody please buy these guys a GPS?

Our National Tragedy

With all the madness surrounding the George Zimmerman verdict Americans are having to deal with a whole series of tragedies. First and foremost is the death of Trayvon Martin. The second tragedy is that the Sanford Police department, inexperienced at handling complex crime scenes, just did a poor job of thoroughly processing the area of the murder. They should have canvassed the entire neighborhood looking for every possible witness. They simply didn’t have all the evidence that could have been gathered and presented to prosecutors.

But there were more tragedies: The political involvement of Florida Governor Rick Scott, who was pressured to appoint a special prosecutor, Angela Corey.

Holiday Fail!

Guest blog by Nila Ridings

Fourth of JulyWith the 4th of July festivities just over, there’s an interesting YouTube video from a Kansas Homeowners Association I know well. The HOA has a thousand human residents and just as many dogs with 513 individually-owned units, many in a state of decay,  and a board that runs the place like a Nazi concentration camp armed with ice cream socials and lawsuits a la mode.

Well, last year they held a huge 4th of July parade to celebrate and put the “neighborly love” on display. T
his YouTube video says it all:

Please Make This Kansas Story Go Viral!

Explosive!Guest blog by Nila Ridings

I recently spent eight long days in Wichita at the federal courthouse observing the pre-trial hearing of an HOA lawsuit where a Homeowners Association board member attacked and severely beat a homeowner with a crow bar! These six photos, taken at the hospital, show the viciousness of the attack.


It seems the homeowner discovered work being done on a neighbor’s condo that also happens to belong to the mother of an HOA board member. While others had been on a long waiting list to have their work orders completed, the board member opted to make his mother’s condo top priority over everyone else. The homeowner took his camera and phone to the nearby common area and proceeded to document this “special treatment.”