No Angels Allowed in HOA Hell

By Guest Blogger Nila Ridings
An HOA in Port Orange, Florida, has suddenly decided that yard art or statuary of any kind must be removed. Homeowners who don’t comply face fines, liens, and possible foreclosure of their homes.
Mrs. Freiji is one of many in the Ashton Lakes Homeowners Association. She loves the angel statue in her yard because it reminds her of her recently deceased husband.  But she’s been told either the statue goes, or she does.
That’s the decision of the neighborhood lawn Nazi.  The angel has to go.
And that basketball hoop at the end of a cul-de-sac? If that’s not taken down, the owner of that home gets fined a hundred bucks a month.
BTW, the neighborhood lawn Nazi is OK with making widows cry while passing out fines. However, an inspection of his own lawn shows just as many violations as the neighbors he’s harassing. He’s exempt, apparently, from his own mandates. Not surprisingly, he’s yet another lawn Nazi who won’t open his door when reporters start asking questions. 
Is it any wonder that homeowners across the country are beginning to get angry?
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