Freakin’ Flag Fury

Yet another Homeowners Association is taking aim at a homeowner who’s flying a patriotic flag. Floridians who fly the American flag have been taken to the cleaners over the years by their HOA for flying Old Glory. Then, Governor Jeb Bush stepped in and signed a bill forcing HOAs to allow flag flying. Reluctantly, the HOAs gave in.

But keep in mind that an HOA management company isn’t making money unless it’s fining homeowners, towing away their cars, liening and suing them for one minor violation or another. Trust me, when HOA management companies have their morning meetings, employees are told, “Now GET out there and write some tickets!!! FIND me some violations!!!

So it’s no surprise when Tom Bagnoli of Palm Coast, Florida started getting fined because right under Old Glory he flies a Wounded Warriors flag. In fact, he’s being fined a hundred bucks a day! Keep in mind that there are flags and flagpoles all over the Grand Haven Homeowners Association. POW/MIA flags, flags representing each of the armed forces, and even some flags for sports teams.

But this HOA is definitely going to do its best to reduce Bagnoli’s net worth.

(link to WFTV story)


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