OMG! Is Jill Schweitzer Trying To Kill The Phoenix Cash Cow?

guest blog by Nila Ridings
She’s a real estate broker on a mission and armed with a new website (  She sat on her HOA board and got her eyes opened to all the waste by property managers.  But her board was able to save her HOA $40,000 by getting their own bids, minus the “guidance” of any property manager.   
HOLY COW!  Michael Latz of Golden Valley Property Management says Jill needs to get away from the HOA herd.  He’s runnin’ this ranch and got this biddin’ business under control! (Wink, wink.)
Come to think of it, wouldn’t Jill make a stellar replacement in the Legislature for The Bimbo? State Representative Michelle Ugenti has made a mockery out of the legislative process in Arizona. Can we talk Jill Schweitzer into running?
That would actually be a legislative race that would be fun to watch!

1 thought on “OMG! Is Jill Schweitzer Trying To Kill The Phoenix Cash Cow?

  1. Arizona Dave

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Jill this week. What an amazing, and enlightened lady. Keep your eye out for this Superstar Realtor, she’s going to save homeowners some big, big bucks!

    Indeed! Boot out the Bimbo…… I’m a voting for Jill!


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