“Arizona Dave” Speaks Out Against Pending Bills

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Dave Russell is the on-site manager at Circle Tree Condominiums in Mesa, Arizona.  He is always looking out for the safety and security of its residents and all other condo owners in Arizona.  Always! Dave is more than a manager.  He’s a condo owner.  He resigned from a full-time job (one which paid a whole lot more) and became the manager of Circle Tree. He had a goal and commitment to turn the place into premier condo living.
On this blog, Ward has repeatedly exposed other Arizona characters like ‘Blondie’ (Gov. Jan Brewer) and ‘The Bimbo’ (Rep. Michelle Ugenti) for their underhanded and illegal ways in which they tried to pass HOA bills into law.  
And of course, our other “keep it legal” and “grant the owners’ their rights” experts like the honorable and skilled HOA fighter, George Staropoli. He has labored long and hard and his tenacity has helped a lot of Arizona homeowners avoid additional nightmares.
Arizonans are very fortunate to have Dave and George keeping an eye on the scandalous HOA bills that seem to sneak onto the annual docket! 
Keep up the great job you guys!  (Standing applause!)

2 thoughts on ““Arizona Dave” Speaks Out Against Pending Bills

  1. Nila Ridings

    Reading the comments written at the end of the news segment clearly indicates that Dave Russell has proven success in condo complex management and insight to property security.

    Until the legislators are living in and managing a condo complex it seems wise to acknowledge Dave’s success and then follow his lead.

    Expect problems when ignorant people construct laws for those in the know.

  2. Arizona Dave

    Nila, thank you for the kind words. Homeowner Associations in Mesa, Arizona may soon lose their city sponsored crime prevention program if SB 1482 passes the House on Monday.

    HOAs in Mesa, Arizona received the word last week that if SB 1482 “the HOA Omnibus Bill” passes, they will no-longer meet the basic requirements of the city’s TRI-STAR crime prevention program, and will be ousted. With all the issues in HOAs one would think our lawmakers wouldn’t add fuel to the fire!

    If the bill passes and is signed by Blondie Brewer, untrained property managers will get to take their homeowners to court, and play lawyer. Although this violates the court rules, the Bimbo thinks its a grand idea. No doubt the CAI is behind this sneaky bill.


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