My Own Brother!

One of my brothers is an attorney in Washington State. He and I don’t quite see eye to eye on the national disgrace known as Homeowners Associations.

So I was sort of stunned this afternoon after listening to him being interviewed on a Seattle radio station. I never knew that he was a historian and expert on the American Revolution. And I didn’t realize how articulate he was on the importance of revering and respecting the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

I have a link posted below to his interview. You’ll have to wade through about 13 minutes of babble about restaurants and cuisine. You can quickly¬†skip ahead to the second section to hear my brother’s interview.

But as you listen to Gregory Lucas talk about what led to the American Revolution and the formation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, try to compare some of that to our current revolution against the abusive and fascist HOA movement.

Our anti-HOA movement is all about the rights our forefathers¬†reserved for us and how in recent years we’ve allowed our homes to be swallowed by massive corporations which don’t have to honor any of our traditional rights.

If you end up listening to this interview, please give me some advice on how to steer my brother over to our side in the HOA fight.


3 thoughts on “My Own Brother!

  1. Deborah Goonan

    Wow, Ward. Gregory’s remarks are astonishing, particularly the final segement. It is clear as day. There are parallels at play, because we now have states legislating away the rights of Americans, and handing power over to private corporations: HOAs. And the reasons for it are the same – local governments are seeking increased tax revenues, a way to fund many decades of bloated spending in many of our large cities.

  2. melody


    We just do not have states handing power over to private corporations, we also the Federal government handing it to CAI and according to Lauren Muglia chief of staff for congress Scott Perry, our government is consulting CAI who they think are the experts. We fund her salary of approx 140,000 per year to consult CAI on the pratices and state laws of HOAs? They are in office to protect the rights of their constituents not big businesses trying to screw the constituents. Do you want this man to be deciding your future? I guess besides all the work on legalizing marijuana they must be smoking it too. They just put your future in CAI’s hands. I hope everyone living in HOAs and in PA are reading this when you go to the polls. You know Scott Perry should do less lobbying on making mariuanna legal and more on the housing market which includes these HOAs. Scarey isn’t it that accountability is on the bottom of their agenda ? These are the people deciding how you should live when they are sitting on a salary of 140k and they have to consult CAI. I guess we can see whose pockets are filled with whose money. But then again, after legalizing marijuana everyone can forget about anything. Sounds to me like the brains cells are already gone.

    1. Deborah Goonan

      Hmm…and we keep hearing from the CAI member professionals that HOA issues are STATE issues, not Federal.



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