“Frickin’ Faggots!”

Dang, I hate using that word. But like the so-called ‘n-word’ it’s bandied about freely in Homeowners Associations. Most HOAs have long-existing deed restrictions which prohibit sales of homes to minorities. Those restrictions, of course, have long been outlawed by the U.S. Supreme Court, but does that stop discrimination? If you think so, you’ve gotta be kidding yourself.

A gay couple in the Monte Sereno Homeowners Association in Palm Springs is being targeted for ‘special’ treatment. One of them, Ken Seeley, is a star on the A&E show, ‘Intervention.’ Once or twice a month he has friends and co-workers over to watch the show. The HOA now says those gatherings are ‘business related’ and home businesses are outlawed by this HOA.

Now, the Monte Sereno board has deactivated Seeley’s transponder to the community gate so he can’t let his friends in.

The arrogance never stops, does it?

(link to story about A&E star)


2 thoughts on ““Frickin’ Faggots!”

  1. Cynthia

    Ward, selective discrimination and ugliness in some HOA groups is inexcusable, but happening. Please see this account I sent an email out about a few days ago. It is appalling!

    Athens, Texas – HOA – 05.20.15 – Homeowners of ‘African Descent’ Unwelcome in Subdivision, and Henderson County, TX , Henderson County: ‘No lot shall be conveyed to any person of African descent’

    In Athens, TX, it is people of color who were, and it appears still are being disgracefully and illegally discriminated against in and by HOAs! In Monroe County, Pennsylvania, it is innocent and law abiding women and the disabled who are driven from their homes and slapped, terrorized and fraudulently sued so their homes can be stolen, by abusive and criminal HOA boards, attorneys and any other accomplices they can enlist. This is because women have absolutely no rights and no right to justice (“unless they can pay for it”), no due process, and no protections of the laws, in Monroe County, Pennsylvania! The laws are ignored by some in the judiciary, or who were in the judiciary because women have no rights in Monroe County, PA!

    Please read the article linked in two different sources below.
    I am sure many of us can sympathize and relate with how Mr. Dodd feels, no matter the reason why we have been discriminated against by an HOA board, the HOA attorney, and/or other attorney’s and even other HOA homeowners within the group that makes it impossible for us to live in our homes! The terrible property destruction to our homes, the devastation and destruction to our lives, families, health and finances and the threats and violence are too much to ask any innocent homeowner to endure, solely because of any type of discrimination!



    Homeowners of ‘African Descent’ Unwelcome in Subdivision
    Homeowners of ‘African Descent’ Unwelcome in Subdivision … legal action Tuesday against the Clearwater Bay Homeowners Association at Cedar …
    Henderson County: ‘No lot shall be conveyed to any person of African descent’ – Big Country Homepage

  2. Cynthia

    Here is another horrible news account from South Carolina I received today. Anyone could be responsible for this outrage. But, too, anyone in the one of the HOA mentioned. I wonder what other “neighborhoods” in the area were chosen for distribution of the flyers, aside from the HOA identified in the news account? Maybe, all the “neighborhoods” are in the one HOA?!

    05.24.15 – Charleston, South Carolina

    Charleston police trying to find source of KKK fliers distributed in West Ashley

    “Charleston police are still investigating the source of a number of Ku Klux Klan fliers that were distributed in several West Ashley neighborhoods Saturday morning.

    An email sent to residents from the Schieveling Plantation Homeowner’s Association indicated that the KKK fliers had been turned over to the police and the FBI. However, Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said the department is not seeking assistance from the FBI at this time.

    The Schieveling Plantation neighborhood is located off Ashley River Road.

    The distributed flier said “Save Our Land, Join The Klan, Proud Supporters of the KKK,” and went on to list two names and a phony phone number.

    The email from the HOA requested that any residents in the neighborhood who received a flier turn it in to a designated mailbox or the authorities.

    “I’d like to assure the community that the HOA does not tolerate this kind of behavior or hatred,” wrote several members of the HOA. “We are disgusted by it and are deeply saddened and concerned that this has happened to one of our neighbors. Additionally, if anyone has any knowledge pertaining to this incident or would like to step forward and take ownership for it, it would be appreciated.””


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