A Reward For Turning In A Rotten Neighbor

Just amazing! Just in time for Christmas, counties in Florida are offering rewards for turning in criminals. Just look around your HOA and you can find plenty of board members and property managers who are stealing, bribing, defrauding and embezzling from homeowners. There’s your Christmas money.

Just take this advice from a long-time investigative reporter. Whenever the cops ask you to anonymously call an 800 number, the dirty secret is that you’re not anonymous. The Crimestoppers 800 number is a complete and total scam. Call from a phone booth.

(turn in Florida criminals for a reward)

2 thoughts on “A Reward For Turning In A Rotten Neighbor

    1. Ward Lucas Post author

      LOL! You’re right. I’m old school and haven’t really paid much attention to vanishing phone booths. But my point is that CrimeStoppers claims you can place a secret call, but any call to any 800 number is recorded and reported to the owner of that number. These days, it’s pretty much impossible to make an anonymous call.


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