Learn From Your Enemy!

Yes, always, always learn from your enemy. That’s why we have a CIA. It’s why we have an NSA. These top secret government spy organizations were created to eavesdrop, to snoop, to sniff out what America’s enemies were thinking, and planning, and doing.

That’s why this peek at the CAI, the Community Associations Institute is so important. They’re urging homeowners to attend HOA meetings and vote. CAI is arrogant enough to figure that homeowners will vote to keep their corrupt HOA lobbying organizations in power. But their message shouldn’t be lost on any of us.

Poll any number of people on the street about their opinions of Homeowners Associations. I’ve done it, and it’s really difficult to find people who like them. In fact, HOAs are so vociferously disliked that homeowners tend to avoid the monthly or the annual HOA meeting. So read the link below and understand that we really can make a difference. But it takes guts. It takes standing up for your rights. It takes YOU attending your HOA meetings and voting to end the nonsense, the illegalities, the harassment of helpless homeowners, the embezzling, the secret payments to lawyers and management companies. It is possible to have an honest neighborhood association. But that requires your vote, your activism and your attendance.

(link to CAI white paper on getting involved in your HOA)


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