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How Is This Legal? Aspen?!?!? Government Condos?

Aspen has always been known as a far-left city. There’s probably not a registered Republican within 25 miles of the town limits. And this isn’t meant as a slam against either my far-left friends or my far-right friends. I’ve got plenty on both sides and I respect them all. But there has to be some kind of law against this.

Aspen, as a ski town, needs to hire low-wage people to operate the ski lifts, clean the lodges and wait on diners. But Aspen is so ritzy that affordable housing is a joke. To work in that city you have to live someplace in Utah and commute. The answer? Take over aging condo associations, throw millions of dollars of taxpayer money into restoring them, and then become the condo association’s de-facto government. Then this faux management company operates the condos like a typical HOA fascist state, all rules, no rights.

Incredible. I can just feel the avalanche of future lawsuits. I’d love to hear your comments about what has to become kind of burgeoning scandal.

(link to story from Aspen Public Radio)