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Dang Those Chickens!

Who doesn’t love omelettes for breakfast and chicken sandwiches at other times of the week? But just keep those chickens out of my backyard!

Backyard chicken coops are one of the privileges of rural living. Two or three laying hens can feedĀ a family forever. But the astonishing growth of Homeowners Associations has led to a pathological contempt for any neighbor who dares keep a pet chicken.

We’re not talking about roosters crowing at the crack of dawn, here. Just chickens.

But for many of the growing number of condo commandos and lawn nazis a backyard chicken is about as attractive as ticks on a picnic blanket.

Oh, the omelette’s OK. Just as long as it has no connection to my neighborhood.



Backyard Chicken Wars

Since I’ve covered chicken wars in the past, I figured I’d link the latest pertinent news story. One of my neighbors has a chicken coop. Never in a million years would I complain. But I have to confess to having accepted some eggs in the past.