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Embezzling A Cool 2.5 Million From Your HOA!

It’s nice work if you can get it.

39-year-old William Francis managed money for more than four dozen HOA clients. He also managed to steal enough to finance the kind of life many men like him would love to have. Limousines, hookers, porn, NBA tickets. He faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison. Ah, but these judges rarely sentence a white collar criminal to more than 18 months behind bars. This man apparently spent a lot of his life behind bars, the kind where you find loose women and alcohol.

A life of luxury? People like this guy should get life in prison. Until we start treating embezzlement from HOAs like the crime it really is, the wave of corruption will continue. Nobody takes this crime seriously….except the victims.

(HOA manager admits a life of luxury after stealing all the money)


The Army Is Growing!

Never in a million years would I have seen this coming. But In Florida hundreds of people are marching against the HOA scam. Florida’s HOAs commit more crimes and have more criminals than the national prison population. But to actually see homeowners who have the guts to march is really heartening. I love these guys!

(Miami Herald story on anti-HOA march)


Florida Condo Con-man Admits It

I’ve posted on this idiot before. But tonight’s post is about his admission in court that he stole a fortune from his neighbors. He even used his neighbors’ money to buy himself a car. More than a half million dollars stolen and he gets 25 hours community service? Egads, will we never learn?

(The creep from Fort Lauderdale)



You’re Buying An HOA Home? Are You Frickin’ Crazy?!?!?


The National HOA Scam is as close to ‘all things Mafia’ as it gets. Get it through your skulls, people!  Homeowners Associations are organized crime. It used to be illegal to go door to door threatening to break glass, bust up a business, scare customers if the business owner didn’t pay his weekly extortion to the mob.

An interesting book in my past reading was “Jimmy the Weasel.” You don’t have to read the book. Just read the Wiki article linked below about the life of Jimmy Fratianno, mob boss of the West Coast. And see if his kind of extortion isn’t an exact parallel of the crap that goes on in Homeowners Associations. Threats, extortion, property damage, mob-controlled living environment. The most powerful story, though, is about the homeowner in Sarasota who was victimized by her HOA mob.

You think I’m exaggerating? Read the links below!

(Sarasota HOA extortion)

(link to background of Mafia boss Jimmy The Weasel. He should have been an HOA board member)


Love It When A Reporter ‘Gets It’

More and more media outlets are beginning to take notice of the national HOA Scam/Outrage. The link below is from Kiplinger and it’s worth reading.

Also (hint, hint!). There are rumors that a major newspaper in the Midwest has a killer of an HOA expose’ about to be published! This one is said to be the best of all!

(link to Kipling article on HOAs)