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The Big Fat Greek Food Truck

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Greek food happens to be my favorite! As a matter of fact, I ate it for dinner tonight. This would be a dream come true for me to have Greek cuisine on wheels parked right next door! I would gladly offer to buy their leftovers.

But I do not live in Sugar Land, Texas in the New Territory HOA where the board president, Mike Pincomb is acting like a pinhead and bullying the owners of ‘Anna’s Greek Gourmet.’

Goonan on CAI! Another Good One!

guest blog by Deborah Goonan

To legislators at the state and federal level, and housing policy makers, CAI (Community Associations Institute) presents itself as the sole authority on HOA issues, and an advocate for homeowners. In reality, CAI is a trade group that represents the interests of businesses that serve – or exploit – homeowners and residents in mandatory associations.

CAI’s recently published white paper on Association Governance reveals its true agenda – to perpetuate blind acceptance of the Association Governance as the only viable housing institution, and to simultaneously create an ever-growing need for “expert” services of managers, attorneys, and various HOA service providers.

Important in California… & Elsewhere!

 The 2013 Adams amicus curiae letter acknowledges that HOAs are mini-governments.

“As mini-governments, the state’s associations now lack clear policies for how boards participate in those elections, thereby making them vulnerable to litigation that ultimately is harmful to all association members. . . . A homeowners association is ‘a quasi-government
entity paralleling in almost every case the powers, duties, and responsibilities of a municipal government.’ (Cohen v. Kite Hill Community Assn. (1983).”

Beware, Beware, Beware!

Condo owners in a Cleveland suburb are suing their condo board because it hid the fact that the building needed millions of dollars in repairs. Recent buyers were told nothing about the massive repairs needed to keep the building from collapsing. It’s just another reason why more and more millennials are learning to rent…not own.

(link to expose’ of yet another failed HOA)



Fraudulent CAI!

Longtime journalists know they’re never supposed to use the word, ‘fraudulent.’ Unless they can prove it.

The current CAI survey put out by Frank Rathbun and Tom Skiba, heads of the Community Associations Institute, is FRAUDULENT! How they’re able to get a respected polling agency like Zogby is beyond my comprehension. Line by line this poll is fabricated. But money buys anything. Zogby should be ashamed. CAI isn’t about building better communities. It’s about keeping the cash flow going. Keeping the lawyers well-fed. Hiding the amount of embezzling going on in Homeowner Associations across the country.