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Astounding Honey Bee Deaths!

I’ve debated with myself long and hard over the story I’m about to tell you. It really zeroes in on a personal situation I faced with an HOA bully. I swore I would keep the story to myself until I read today’s article about America’s tragic loss of honey bees. Forty percent of all honey bees in the country died last year. Forty percent!

(link to 40% loss of honey bees in just one year)

You cannot imagine how important honey bees are to our agriculture and our very survival as a species. Man just can’t do what bees do for us. Without bees there is no produce in your grocery store. None!

Can an HOA Board Keep Homeowners Out?

These stories just get wilder and harder to believe. The video linked below is beyond shocking. The only good news is that newspapers and TV stations are using HOA horror stories as regular features. Yep, it’s going to be a bad, bad time for these HOA board officers.

Bashing the Handicapped Elderly

We all saw what happened a few days ago when a Missouri HOA refused a sick girl’s request for a playhouse. It went viral, and newspapers and TV stations around the world began covering the story. A certain little HOA president was bombarded with hate calls and mail.

Here’s another case that’s so outrageous it’ll make you spitting mad.

In Atlanta, Rosetta Turner┬ájust got out of weeks of intensive care but she’s being harassed to death by the Providence Place Homeowners Association. Rosetta is up to date on her dues. But the HOA has compiled two pages of violations, most of which are not specified. They’ve even fined Rosetta because her home care nurses park on the street, the only place that’s available.