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Reflections on Flags

Flag etiquette is a touchy subject in this country. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that burning the American Flag is a protected form of speech under the First Amendment. Still, we hear calls from elected politicians that displaying the Confederate Flag is not protected speech.

The beginning of the Confederate War was never about slavery, it was about the massive tax burden being imposed by the North against southern businessmen. The slavery issue arose two years into the Civil War and at that point the Stars and Bars and slavery were forever linked.

Red, White and Blue: Such Hideous Colors!

What is it about the American flag that so disgusts the boards of Homeowners Associations? Why is it that patriotism across this grand country is dying? Our parents and grandparents fought fascism abroad a half dozen times over the past century. But the unregulated HOA movement is continuing to increase its dictatorial grip on the tens of millions of people who have come under its control. Our kids are growing up in schools that no longer teach the Pledge of Allegiance or duty to God and Country. They’re learning by our example that patriotism is just not PC.

4th Of July Surprises!

Every single one of our fifty-six founders who signed the Declaration of Independence knew he was essentially signing his own death warrant. The English penalty for treason was hanging by the neck until dead. And the Declaration was certainly high treason. One witness described the atmosphere in the room as “a pensive and awful silence.”

So this day is kind of a holy day for those of us who revere this nation.

That said, I have no rants about Homeowners Associations today. I just want to link you to one of the most moving videos I have ever watched.