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Chesney Golf Club Assault in Tennessee

Hypothetical question: Is it really wrong to beat your Homeowners Association president with a golf club? Wait! Before you get mad, I really raised that question just to amuse you. Some might say, “Nah, that’s never wrong.” But of course it is.

Our latest story of HOA violence involves the father of famed country singer Kenny Chesney. He’s been arrested for beating his HOA president. I’m not sure what his defense will be, but it looks like he’d had enough from this board official and just lost his temper. He’ll probably plead temporary insanity, which is what most suspects in HOA violence do. That’s a pretty good defense for him because about two million HOA homeowners would probably corroborate the fact that HOA bullies really can drive you insane.

(link to Austin 360 and the Chesney arrest)


Second Man Dies After HOA Shootings

A former doctor is now facing a second murder charge after the death of a man he wounded Thursday night.

The second man, 69-year-old Marvin Fisher, died Sunday. He was a member of the HOA board of directors and a past president.  The other victim who was killed instantly Thursday night was the current HOA president, David Merritt. The suspect, 51 year old Mahmoud Hindi had a longstanding dispute with the Homeowners Association. The HOA had repeatedly demanded he remove a fence and a driveway which were not built according to rules and regulations of the community.

Ward Lucas, author of Neighbors At War! The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association