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Are You A Sinner?

That was just hypothetical. According to some religions we are ALL sinners. But what gives a Homeowners Association the right to determine who is a sinner and who is not?

I know, you think I’m just exaggerating again. But my regular readers know I NEVER resort to hyperbole, right?

Well, Bunky, take a look at the latest outrage in a Venice, Florida Homeowners Association. The Casa Di Amici Condo Association refuses to allow a condo sale to anybody it deems (in its own infinite wisdom) to be ‘living in sin.’ Now, if, as the Bible teaches, we are all sinners and no one is capable of judging one another, what in Hell is going on here?

Major life decisions, i.e., investing all your money in a home, is now up to a board of directors who take a vote on whether a prospective buyer is a sinner? Is there a point system? Would my war-widowed mother be deemed a sinner because she married again?  Would I be excluded because I was the second child of my widowed mother? Would a rape victim who chose not to abort a child be rated higher or lower on the Casa Di Amici Condo Association’s ‘sin scale’?

Give me a frickin’ break!

Losers, all of them. If I had their neighborhood address list I would publish it!


Ho Hum. Another Day, Another Embezzlement

KY3 News in Springfield, Missouri is reporting on a 23-count Federal Grand Jury indictment of an HOA bookkeeper in Branson.

Sarah Underwood is accused of embezzling more than 300,000 dollars from the Fall Creek Condominiums. Of course, she’s innocent until proven guilty. But according to the news media in Missouri, she wrote several checks to herself including one for $80,000!

Dumber than a box of rocks!

Next to jaywalking, embezzling from Homeowners Associations is probably one of the most underreported crimes in America. Tragically it’s only the dumb crooks who get caught. This woman certainly deserves to be a runner-up for the annual Charles Darwin award. That is, if she’s convicted.