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White House Correspondents Dinner

I won’t tell you whether I’m a big fan or a big critic of President Obama, but his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend was amazing. It was funny, he has the most incredible speech writers and coaches in the world. But the best part of his speech was the final four minutes in which he talked about the risks and dangers of being a reporter.


That one went straight to my heart. And I thought of all those people who take chances and write about the National HOA Scam.

Any Question They’re Fascist?

A new reader on this blog has asked me to post a link to his neighborhood’s struggle. I’m happy to do it, mostly since it demonstrates once again that Homeowners Associations are fascist dictatorships in which homeowners completely give up their property rights.

Stonegate Village Metropolitan District is in Douglas County, Colorado. The Metro District wants to take away the neighborhood activities center and turn it into offices for its own employees. It’s fascinating reading, but here’s a related and intriguing note:

Freedom Of Information Anniversary

Well, well, it looks like the U.S. Department of Justice is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). It means that common citizens like you and me have the right to inspect almost all documents in any federal agency. As a lifelong reporter I’ve used FOIA many times. And I’ve been frustrated many times by public officials who never received my requests, ignored my requests or just laughed at my requests.

Increase Your Credibility By Always Documenting

guest blog by Nila Ridings

A townhouse complex in San Jose, California had a fire and two pets were killed.  As sad as that is, it could have been far worse.  Why? Two fire hydrants were non-functioning.

Residents claim they have reported these broken fire hydrants to the departments responsible for maintaining them.  Yet, the spokesperson is saying this was the first they heard of it.

Folks…we now live in a society where every contact you make MUST BE DOCUMENTED.  

When you make a call, write down the name of the person you are speaking with, the number you dialed, and their job title.  Make note of the date and time.  Ask for their employee ID, phone extension, location or call center where they are located.  If you are transferred to another person, repeat the process.  Make detailed notes of the message you are conveying.  And make detailed notes of what action they agreed to take and when.  Any future communication or documents to or from anyone on this topic must be added to the original.

Should something like non-working fire hydrants happen you can pull your spiral notebook out and say, “I reported that on date, time to Mr. Hydrant the Head Engineer at 555-5555 x 515.”  Nobody should argue with you when your documentation is detailed.

Better yet, make your communication in writing via email or a typed or handwritten letter. Keep a copy of it.  And keep a copy of any written responses.

These efforts will pay off when you win battles with people who claim no knowledge of ever hearing about a problem.  Had the folks making their claim for reporting these fire hydrants documented those calls somebody would now be sitting in a hot seat.

We know from previous condo fires the outcome is never positive for the owners.  Perhaps this one will be an exception but I doubt it.

Colorado HOA Forbids Radon Mitigation

Colorado has lots of uranium and other radioactive materials in the soils. It also has lots of radon gas, which it absolutely a carcinogen. When a woman in a home in the Stapleton HOA found radon and wanted to put in a mitigation system, the HOA told her “Nope! No way!”

Now, all sorts of people are trying to embarrass this HOA into doing the right thing.

Incidentally, Colorado’s homeowners rights hero, Stan Hrincevich, was one of those interviewed for the TV news story. It seems Stan is the most interviewed person in the state when it comes to standing up for homeowners.