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HOA Fines Marine Veteran For Decals

This kind of thing has happened before. HOAs are no big fans of war heroes. It’s hard to imagine. But many HOAs across the country don’t like the American flag being flown. They don’t like displays of patriotism. Actually, it does make sense in a perverse sort of way. HOAs are basically fascist organizations, many of them run by control freaks.

But click on the picture below to see and hear the story of Frank Larison who’s being fined $50 a day because he has Marine decals on his car. Just remember the Woodlands II On The Creek Homeowners Association in Dallas. HOA board president Dorenda Hardy signed the letter. She should be ashamed. And any prospective home buyer in Texas should avoid this neighborhood like the plague.

The Big Fat Greek Food Truck

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Greek food happens to be my favorite! As a matter of fact, I ate it for dinner tonight. This would be a dream come true for me to have Greek cuisine on wheels parked right next door! I would gladly offer to buy their leftovers.

But I do not live in Sugar Land, Texas in the New Territory HOA where the board president, Mike Pincomb is acting like a pinhead and bullying the owners of ‘Anna’s Greek Gourmet.’

It appears the CC&Rs allowed ‘work vehicles’ to be parked at a home until ‘Anna’s Greek Gourmet’ truck was considered to be one. Suddenly, the rules were changed and ‘work vehicles’ had to be parked inside the garage. Ahhhh, that prohibits this food truck from being allowed because it will not fit inside the garage. Next it was considered a home-based business because some lettuce is being cut inside the truck while it’s parked on the driveway. There was no mention that customers were coming up to buy gyro sandwiches or a speaker was blaring yia yia’s daily special. No, nothing distracting to their immediate neighbors is taking place. But somebody on the board has a bone to pick with this family business.

How is this truck any different than the plumber that is on 24 hour call and parks his truck with his tools in his driveway? Or the CAI card-carrying HOA attorney who loads his case files and computer into his Rolls Royce that he parks on his circle drive? Or even the Girl Scout leader who loads cases of cookies into her SUV for delivery?

The Zafiris family is trying to live the American dream. Like Anna says she is paying taxes and paying the HOA dues. She wasn’t breaking an HOA rule until the rule was changed in an effort that appears to target just her. Now, she’s losing sleep and probably wishing she’d never departed the Greek Islands.

This story brings back memories of AJ Vizzi and his pick-up truck ordeal in Florida. I sense this Greek food truck HOA battle will have the same outcome. (In case you missed the AJ Vizzi story, I’m posting it below.)

Opa, Anna! We are all behind you!

(link to Anna’s story)

Never forget A. J. Vizzi, the triumphant fighter against his HOA!

Educating HOA directors to be representatives of the members

guest blog by George Staropoli

Florida attorney and CAI member Donna Berger posted the following question, “Why do you need to listen to the dissenting voices in your community?”, on the Becker & Poliakoff Community Association Law blog. (

She wrote, in part, “One of the first things leadership training establishes is that discordant voices in an organization can be extremely beneficial to growth and the ultimate success of that organization.” I commented:

“Good advice.

“I see a reason for the hostile response by many board members, beyond rude and angry behavior of some members, is that HOA directors are not schooled in the requirements to be a representative of the ‘people.’

“Unlike a business, governing representatives must be educated to accept the reality that dissent is part of the job and they must be able to respond in a positive manner. That they are to carry member issues and concerns to the entire board for resolution.

“If they cannot, then the job is not theirs. If the job is beyond their pay grade, they should also not serve.

“So, why is there a failure to educate themselves on what it means to be a representative of the people?”


Beware, Beware, Beware!

Condo owners in a Cleveland suburb are suing their condo board because it hid the fact that the building needed millions of dollars in repairs. Recent buyers were told nothing about the massive repairs needed to keep the building from collapsing. It’s just another reason why more and more millennials are learning to rent…not own.

(link to expose’ of yet another failed HOA)



Fraudulent CAI!

Longtime journalists know they’re never supposed to use the word, ‘fraudulent.’ Unless they can prove it.

The current CAI survey put out by Frank Rathbun and Tom Skiba, heads of the Community Associations Institute, is FRAUDULENT! How they’re able to get a respected polling agency like Zogby is beyond my comprehension. Line by line this poll is fabricated. But money buys anything. Zogby should be ashamed. CAI isn’t about building better communities. It’s about keeping the cash flow going. Keeping the lawyers well-fed. Hiding the amount of embezzling going on in Homeowner Associations across the country.

Hey! That brings up an idea for Frankie for next year’s poll! (Pay attention, Zogby!)

What percentage of HOAs have lost money to embezzlers?

How many board members and HOA managers have been hit with criminal charges?

How many homeowners have lost their life savings by buying an HOA home?

How much money has been made by CAI members who lie to the IRS and say they’re tax-exempt?

How many homeowners say they’ll never live in another HOA?

How many homeowners think of the name, ‘George Orwell,’ whenever they think about Homeowners Associations?

Egads, there are too many such questions to list here. I’m going to bed.