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Educating HOA directors to be representatives of the members

guest blog by George Staropoli

Florida attorney and CAI member Donna Berger posted the following question, “Why do you need to listen to the dissenting voices in your community?”, on the Becker & Poliakoff Community Association Law blog. (http://www.communityassociationlawblog.com/2016/05/why-you-need-to-listen-to-dissenting.html).

She wrote, in part, “One of the first things leadership training establishes is that discordant voices in an organization can be extremely beneficial to growth and the ultimate success of that organization.” I commented:

“Good advice.

“I see a reason for the hostile response by many board members, beyond rude and angry behavior of some members, is that HOA directors are not schooled in the requirements to be a representative of the ‘people.’

Fight the CAI and Associa’s Lies

As many of you know, Arizona’s George Staropoli is one of the pioneers and heroes of our movement. I just wish I had his IQ and his intellect. In the essay linked below he performs surgery on the lie that HOA industry representatives constantly spread through our legislatures. Print it out and place it on the desks of each man and woman in government.

CAI maintains HOAs are protected by and do not violate the Constitution — not so!

The Only Way To End The Lawlessness!

Arizona’s George Staropoli is one of the stalwarts in fighting the national HOA scam. He has some proposed legislation that should be enacted by every state legislature. It’s simple. It’s the exact wording of a law that would require all HOAs to give back to homeowners their rights to the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Tell anyone and everyone running for public office that they won’t get your vote unless they read this, propose it, and enact it.



Why Does CAI Lie?

guest blog by George K. Staropoli

“HOA constitutionality will cause the collapse of CAI”‏

Such statements made in court filings are astonishing! It is a complete refutation and about face to CAI’s propaganda material made for public consumption. It repudiates our democratic system of government and the US Constitution!

What would cause CAI to argue such statements without merit before a state supreme court? Maybe because CAI knows that if HOA constitutionality is accepted and HOAs are seen as state actors or made to become state entities, it would no longer control and dominate the industry. All would be lost!

Uncovering The Real Community Associations Institute (CAI)

guest blog by George K. Staropoli

With respect to my commentary, Misrepresentation: CAI comes with unclean hands, this paper contains quotes by CAI leaders, state chapter leaders and CAI attorneys – in 20% of the states – made to the public in general in its advertising and communications, to state legislatures, and to the courts in its amicus briefs. All in support of my arguments of misrepresentation.