AZ GOV Committee Burns While Chairperson Ugenti Fiddles For Campaign Funds

guest blog by George Staropoli
The Arizona House Government Committee is chaired by Rep. Michelle Ugenti.  Why hasn’t she held her House GOV committee meetings for the past 3 weeks, 4 in total (just under 50% not meeting)?  
Here’s a copy of the latest Ugenti flyer to raise funds for her campaign   Does her personal agenda –  campaigning for re-election – come before the work of the Legislature and her committee?  Before the people?  Is she so indispensible to the Arizona Legislature that she must be re-elected?  Or is she so desperate to get re-elected in the face of past acts and actions?
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Please Join Congressman David Schweikert and Host Jim O’Connor

For A Meet and Greet In Support Of:

Representative Michelle Ugenti

Contributions to Michelle Ugenti’s Reelection Campaign Are Encouraged and Accepted

Registered lobbyists cannot contribute at this time

The maximum donation is $2000 dollars per individual and $4000 for couples with joint bank accounts. PACs can contribute up to $4000. Corporate contributions are prohibited
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Last session she attached her twice defeated HOA omnibus bill, HB 2371, in the waning hours of the last meeting of the session causing Senator Griffin’s SB 1454 to violate the Arizona Constitution and House Rules. A law suit was filed and the attached Ugenti amendments were declared invalid.  However, ARS as posted on the Legislative website, ALIS, still shows the invalid laws without any annotation as to their unconstitutionality.
See:  HOA SB 1454 progeny: passing SB 1482/HB 2695 would be an act of tyranny by the AZ Legislature and view the important reference links to other posts.

1 thought on “AZ GOV Committee Burns While Chairperson Ugenti Fiddles For Campaign Funds

  1. Arizona Dave

    Rep. Michelle Ugenti is asking for $2,000 to $4,000 in donations when she isn’t worth a legislative dime? Maybe it’s better Ugenti isn’t showing up for committe meetings. She only seems to do more harm than good.

    And who can forget Ugenti’s unconstitutional HOA Omnibus Bill from last year? Now that one cost the taxpayers a pretty penny! Even after a sucessful lawsuit because the Scottsdale Princess log-rolled her devious HOA bill, this “lawmaker” brings it back again?

    Rep. Michelle Ugenti embraces all the crazy bills but it’s her mouth that makes her stand out. To college students, testifying about the hardships of a bill that would require most scholarship students to pay at least $2,000 in tuition: “Welcome to life,” says the Scottsdale candidate who launched her political career as a publicly funded candidate.

    To a colleague who asks when a televised Government Committee hearing chaired by Ugenti will be over because he has a date: “No, you don’t,” Ugenti replies. “Stop it. Your right hand doesn’t count.”

    The Capitol is a place that prides itself on decorum and staffers, lobbyists and legislators alike have told me they’re often dumfounded by Ugenti. Billwise, she’s best known for forcing cities to change their election dates – prompting a lawsuit from Phoenix – and for passing a law that allows parents to be charged with a felony if they fail to notify police within 24 hours after their toddler or preschooler goes missing. Um, Yea.

    I do hope the folks in Scottsdale Arizona, have come or realize, Ugenti is really a wolf in sheeps clothing.


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