Guts in California, No Guts in Florida

If an award could ever be given to the most irresponsible organization in America, top consideration would have to go to CAI, the Community Associations Institute. The institute has essentially clawed its way to the top of the political food chain, deceiving thousands of Legislators and millions of homeowners into believing it’s a benign organization meant to benefit homeowners. In reality, it’s a massively wealthy parasitic lobbying industry which is sucking the lifeblood out of 335,000 American neighborhoods. CAI is no friend of homeowners. But it, along with other huge lawyer referral agencies like Senator John Carona’s Associa, are throwing billions of dollars into the fight to keep legal control of the HOA racket.

In California, a state which is facing an epic drought and the stark reality of looming food shortages, the simians at CAI have tried to argue that the Legislature has no business ordering homeowners to obey emergency drought restrictions. No, those HOA homes have lush green lawns while the state’s Central Valley is no longer able to supply the food needs of the nation.

Thank God that there’s a God. Because the California Assembly has overwhelmingly voted to ignore the ranting of the CAI primates.

Things are much more difficult in Florida, where it appears the attempt to reign in the horribleĀ abuses of homeowners has again been quashed in the Legislature.

On second thought, maybe critics like me should begin to admire the sledgehammer lobbying tactics of the HOA industry. After all, it takes some talent to disembowel and skin an animal after a deer hunt. Those chops aren’t learned easily.

(link to Associated Press story on drought)

(link to death of Florida legislation)


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