This Collapse Ain’t So Funny

Last night’s blog referred you to a comedic look at those predicting a financial and housing tsunami, but this link isn’t comedic and it isn’t satirical. I suppose I don’t mind spreading the word about interesting and pertinent books, since many of my blog readers have supported my own HOA book. But this guy should really be taken seriously.

James Rickards’ new book looks at the approaching financial calamity and explains that there’s really no safe harbor for any of us. An avalanche is triggered by a single snowflake. A world financial collapse is triggered by some no-name company that goes broke at precisely the wrong time.

As an extreme HOA pessimist and critic I would never urge people to dump their HOA homes. But if I honestly believed that the pending financial collapse will claim HOA residents among its first victims, I would be remiss in not alerting you to look for safe harbor.

(link to financial collapse)

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