Starting a New Month

OK, some straight talk, here. We have a ton of people coming to this website. Those people are reading an average of 250,000 to 300,000 pages of our material each month. BUT THAT DOESN’T CUT IT!

Those of you who’ve read my book, Neighbors At War, know that it has a tremendous amount of important material that never makes it onto this website. You also know that my book is important for all homeowners, inside and outside of Homeowners Associations. (It’s also a fun read!) I happen to know that a lot of libraries carry my book and it’s frequently loaned to other libraries across the country. That’s pretty good traction. I know, however, that I haven’t sold my book to all of you yet.


During the month of June I’m going to GIVE my book to you FREE. Well, let me partially retract that. If you can honestly say you haven’t purchased my book because you are destitute and if you’ll pay for the postage and the envelope (approximately five bucks) I will send it to you for free. Geez, what other author has ever offered you THAT kind of deal? Oh yes, one other caveat: Once you finish the book you must make at least one other homeowner read it.

The information it contains is far more valuable than the paltry publishing royalties I get.

That’s all the huckstering… for now.


14 thoughts on “Starting a New Month

  1. Deborah Goonan

    I have your book, Ward, and I read it! It is an eye opener! Too bad it wasn’t written before I purchased an HOA home.

  2. Nila Ridings

    I share your same regrets Deborah. Had I read the book before I purchased my life and my financial well-being would have been so different. That is precisely why I tell everybody to read the book before you buy any property and if you already own in an HOA…read the book!

    1. Holly HOA

      I’ve read Ward’s book, too. I wish I could have read it years ago before I purchased a home in an HOA. The insanity happening in our HOA is beyond comprehension. I am inpatiently waiting for the day when we can sell and move out. I’m done hoping that different board members will make things better. HOA’s need to be disbanded. Even if you have the greatest board at this point in time, you are only one board members away from Neighbors at War.

  3. nina tinsley

    Hello Ward,

    I found you and Nila via internet search. I’m a new Warrior against my HOA. I’m now on chapter “CAI” of your book. I had the opportunity and pleasure to speak to Nila by phone at length last night. Her and my situations are nearly identical. She gave me tons of insight and I realize things are much worse than I’d even imagined. Nila advised that I take advantage of your offer for the $5.00 offer of your book and get the book passed out to residents. I’d like to purchase at least ten copies and pass them out (184) homes in community. Would this be possible? Kind Regards, Nina

    1. Ward Lucas Post author

      Hi Nina. Sure. Just send a check to Ward Lucas, 151 Summer St., #463, Morrison, Colorado 80465. I’m in Oregon for a few weeks dealing with a family emergency so I won’t be able to get these to you immediately, but you’ll receive them shortly after June 19th.

      1. nina tinsley


        Thank you! The check is going out today, my address on check is correct. I hope your emergency has turned into a ‘non-emergency’

        Wishing you a happy day!


  4. Michelle

    I have been doing alot of research on HOA’s as mine is pretty defunct at this time. While everyone agrees that you should never buy into an HOA, etc. What exactly should you be doing if you already in one. I haven’t been able to find one resource that gives me information on how to make your current HOA better. At a loss for what steps to take, etc.

  5. Nila Ridings


    There isn’t much hope for changing HOAs from what I’ve observed and from talking to hundreds of people trapped in HOAs.

    One source for help is Shelly Marshall’s ebook called HOA Warrior. It’s available on

    First-hand I’ve learned HOA living is the fastest way to have your life totally destroyed, including your health, happiness and bank accounts. Today’s happy HOA can quickly be tomorrow’s HOA Hellhole. Too many power-hungry people who love to destroy their neighbors…just because they can.

    If you haven’t listened to the podcasts on that is another helpful resource.

    1. Ward Lucas Post author

      Hi Pati, for bulk purchases of 5 ot 10 or more send $5 per book to:

      Ward Lucas
      Hogback Publishing
      151 Summer St, #463
      Morrison, CO 80465

      It was the middle of the night when I thought of making this offer through the month of June. I won’t be doing it again. So take advantage of this before the Ambien wears off!


    1. Ward Lucas Post author

      Hi Jill. Yes, in the middle of an Ambien dream the other night I figured I could drum up some more interest in the book during June. Since I get a bulk mail price for mailing out packages of 10 tor 20 books, and since I’d love to do a reprint order soon, I offered to sell books in bulk just for the price of the postage and reprint cost. It works out to about five dollars per book per sale, thus $50 for ten books, $100 for twenty books. A couple of caveats: First, you MUST PROMISE to MAKE your friends read it. Second, you MUST PROMISE to MAKE your friends read it. There’s a third and fourth caveat, but they’re pretty much in line with the first two. Once June is over, I’ll go back to regular pricing. I can’t control the Amazon eBook pricing so that stays the same.


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