Are We Winning? Hunter’s Run Decision Says We Are!

I never thought I’d see this day. But doesn’t it seem to you like more and more Homeowners Associations are losing big court cases involving fines, judgments and legal fees?

There’ve been several in a row where the feds came down hard on HOAs that overtly or passively discriminated against families with children or handicapped members.

The latest is an Indiana family that moved from their home and rented it out without asking HOA permission. The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the fines and the lien the Hunter’s Run HOA filed on the family were illegal. More than that, the lien was invalid and a slander against the homeowner’s property title making the home unsaleable. Now the Hunter’s Run HOA will have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to this family to make them whole.

I would bet dollars to donuts that members of this HOA didn’t have a clue their bully board’s actions were going to lead to huge assessments against every homeowner.

See this as a victory, folks! Homes in Hunter’s Run have lost all their value. They can’t be sold. The equity is gone. What fool would buy a home in an HOA where the board was stupid enough to lose this kind of case?

The tide is turning, and you and I are finally having an impact!

(the losers in Hunter’s Run HOA)



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