OK, I Admit It! HOAs Have A Purpose!

Before you hire an assassin to take me out, please listen to my reasoning.

Next door ‘party houses’ are the bane of the existence of any homeowner. People buy the house, then start renting it out to party-throwing wild people who screw things up for the entire neighborhood. Certainly, Homeowner Associations can take these houses down. They assess fines, file liens and lawsuits and can shut these places down.

Still, if you have a strong zoning department they can shut these houses down much more quickly and without costing HOAs a ton of money in legal fees. And Zoning Departments have to follow Constitutional law. It doesn’t make them slower in enforcing reasonable standards, but it does make them more accountable.

As a property owner in an HOA, wouldn’t you rather deal with Zoning than with a bunch of slander-slinging neighbors? Wouldn’t you rather have your insurance and legal fees remain stable so you don’t get hit with special assessments to pay for legal fees? Wouldn’t you rather be in a position where the HOA insurance company doesn’t cancel the community policy because of an excess of Board lawsuits?

It’s all about peace and quiet enjoyment of property. Wouldn’t you rather have the county cracking the whip than your next-door neighbor, or your Nazi-minded board member?

It’s all about common sense, which apparently isn’t a factor in the national HOA scam.

(link to story on party houses)


4 thoughts on “OK, I Admit It! HOAs Have A Purpose!

  1. AngelaB

    Actually my HOA doesn’t deal with “party condos” at all. Most of these of course are rentals and the best we can do is complain in writing to our property manager (over and over) and/or call the police if the noise is loud enough at night. I’ve found enforcement of rule violations doesn’t seem to work with renters. I don’t know where the disconnect is but it is there. I don’t complain about much, but loud noises after hours is one thing I do complain about especially if it is every weekend (or more).


    What support is available for a home owner facing racist neighbor standing in their driveway (directly across the street) wearing a hood and holding up a noose.interested?
    Will/can your organization assist in compiling a case file/history that can be a part of both an impactful individual and CLASS complaint
    Needless to say, being situated in HoA territory where the ‘leadership’ is power drunk and lacking interest in individual home owner rights is failing to remove an ongoing escalating situation.

  3. Nila Ridings

    Document these incidents with photos, witnesses, date, time, location, etc. Never miss a chance to document. And do it in great detail.

    HUD, Housing and Urban Development should take your call if this person is harassing or threatening you. If they are a board member there might be other penalties.


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