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Link To Lawsuit Against Blondie & The Bimbo

Several readers have asked for the exact text of Arizona Dave’s lawsuit against Blondie and the Bimbo. Governor Brewer and Rep. Michelle Ugenti keep sneaking patently illegal HOA laws onto the books after bamboozling other legislators. So, here it is:

(link to text of lawsuit against Blondie & the Bimbo)

The more complete story was posted several nights ago. Just click back in this website’s history. I didn’t actually mean for this link to be a separate post. But I just like saying, “Blondie and the Bimbo.” From what I hear from insiders it makes this pair so angry. Especially when they realize this website has had 375,000 visits over the past 12 months.

Wise, Wise Words

One of the early founders of our movement who’s perhaps one of the top three homeowners rights advocates in the country is Arizona’s George Staropoli. He has testified before legislatures, he’s a devout Constitutionalist, he’s perhaps one of the most articulate people standing up for downtrodden victims of the national HOA scam. To say he was a huge inspiration to me is putting it mildly.

His website, pvtgov.org, has tens of thousands of fans. In fact, his was the first site I discovered when I was trying to learn what was wrong with the basic nature and structure of American Homeowners Associations.

God Bless George Staropoli!

George Staropoli, better known as “Starman,” one of the heroes of the American anti-HOA movement, has posted an amazing debate in the Arizona Legislature about abuses in the typical HOA.  The relevant portion begins at 39 minutes into the hearing.  It’s a perfect examination of some of the unconstitutional horrors that occur in today’s HOA.  Please watch. It’ll help you understand some of the idiocy that dominates some of the nation’s HOA madness.

My apologies for dropping this link earlier. Here it is:


Again, the apropos portion is about 38 or 39 minutes into the hearing. And again, thank you George for keeping us all informed.