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Drone Pic of Naked Grandma Up On Billboard!

Oh, my Lord! I knew it would happen, and more are coming.

An Australian grandma sunbathing topless in what she thought was her private backyard has ended up on a Real Estate billboard.

The Realty drone was snapping pictures of the house for sale next door. It published them on billboards without a second thought.

The thong-wearing granny is having lots of second thoughts as she realizes that her privacy is a thing of the past.

(peeping tom drone in Australia)


Not Exactly an HOA Story, But Worth Watching

I’ve long predicted that Homeowners Associations would soon be using drones to intrusively invade the privacy of homeowners. The mesmerizing video linked below was taken over Niagara Falls and it shows the incredible capabilities of the new drones and digital video.

As you watch this, keep in mind that these cameras and drones are now well within the budgets of all HOA board members and management companies. With the massive amount of abuse that happens in HOAs across America, you don’t have to work too hard to imagine how this technology could be used. 

(click here for Niagara Falls drone video)

They’re Looking, They’re looking, They’re looking at you!

One of the great privileges of being a longtime news reporter is the great people you get to meet. Often, people we meet and do a few interviews or stories with, turn out to be some of the most important people in the entire world.


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