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“Wrong Way, Lady!”

A Democratic State Legislator in Virginia is crowing about getting a law passed in her state. The new law will allow HOA officials in self-managed communities more time to answer written requests by homeowners for information. Current Virginia law requires HOAs to provide paperwork or answers to inquiries within five days. The new law Ms. Filler-Corn loves so much doubles that time to ten days.

Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn brags that this will help ease the burden on HOA officials. She says the five-day requirement is too much of a burden for neighborhood volunteers.

Listen, Lady! You’ve got it exactly backwards. Virginia HOAs are just as mean-spirited as those in other states. Your law does NOTHING to help beleaguered homeowners. How about actually pushing for some real reform? How about a two-point law that will really make Filler-Corn a household name.

First, you mandate that all neighborhood paperwork is posted online and available at all times! Then no homeowner would have to beg and plead to see HOA budgets, and how much board members were soaking the community with their hotel food-and-booze tabs. And no resident would have any questions because everything they could possibly need is instantly available.

Second, forget the First Point. Just abolish all HOAs as being fundamentally flawed. They’re all constructed to purposely allow agenda-driven ‘volunteers’ to get their claws into their neighbors’ throats. Actually, this law might make you a statewide hero!

What do you think, Del. Filler-Corn?

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Democrats & Tea Party In Virginia???? Whoa!!!

Will wonders never cease!

A hellaciously ugly anti-homeowner bill is about to end up in Virginia law books. It essentially does away with ALL Constitutional rights of people in Homeowners Associations. And I’ve warned people all over the country to quit thinking about HOAs as Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, liberal or conservative. HOAs are about communes (communism), flavored with a healthy splash of fascism (the lawn Nazis).

Well, Glory be! Virginia lawmakers from the Tea Party wing of the Republicans are joining Democrats in trying to wake their fellow-legislators up. This bill is beyond bad. This link to the Virginia bureau is worth reading! 

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And We All Give Thanks

By coincidence the celebration of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving begin in the same few hours this year. And I am thankful for all my friends in many faiths… and even those who are skeptics. But you can all have faith in this: I respect you and am thankful for all of you.

Ward Lucas

Are Texans Stoopid?

What’s difficult to understand about the word ‘accountability’? Texas is one of a number of states where legislation is pending which would reign in the massive power of private HOA management companies. Homeowners in Texas, and elsewhere, are tired of being ripped off by arbitrary fines, punitive social controls, predatory towing of vehicles, confiscatory debt collection practices, abusive lawsuits, and massive embezzlement from the budgets of Homeowners Associations.  This is not a hard problem to understand. Your home is your castle. Isn’t it?

But on the other side of the accountability aisle are State Representatives and Senators who’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars for supposedly ‘managing’ planned communities. They hover like birds-of-prey over the neighborhoods they supervise, and the moment any weakness is spotted they swoop down and make a kill strike on a beleaguered homeowner, liening his home and selling it at auction before the homeowner can even catch his breath.

As good as this pending bill is, it doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of passage. The powers that be rake in too much money. An accountability bill would murder their profit margins.

I used to live in Texas. I never thought Texans were stupid.

Maybe they are.


HOA Murders! Again!

Professor Gary Solomon, one of the prominent national voices in the Homeowners’ Rights Movement, has long predicted that the nation will see a wave of violence in Homeowners Associations. There’s no doubt this man is precognizant. This weekend’s news proves him to be a real prophet.
In Harrisburg, North Carolina, Anthony Charles Hardy lived exactly between homes of the president of the Windsor Forest Homeowners Association and a house occupied by another member of the board. This weekend Hardy murdered both board members, and then committed suicide in a subsequent standoff with the SWAT team. Three people dead.
Do you want to be a prophet? Just go to your annual homeowners association meeting and watch the fury and frustration vented by homeowners against the board of directors. It really is a little scary.
Of course, there’s absolutely no excuse for murder. None. But is this violence just wildly coincidental?
Arizona resident George Staropoli, one of the pioneers of the Homeowners’ Rights Movement, points out in a recent blog the arrogance of the national HOA lawsuit industry with the artwork on the covers of industry magazines from several years ago. The industry, the CAI in this case, is absolutely mocking the coming wave of homeowners who are screaming about the rights they’ve unexpectedly lost by signing the CC&R papers for a new home.
While realizing that homeowners are turning to murder and mayhem in states like North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Florida, Arizona and others, try to comprehend why leaders of the HOA money scam would mock simple homeowners who are just trying to understand how and why they lost all their Constitutional rights.  Please, please read Staropoli’s blogpost linked below (all the way to the end to see the magazine covers) and make sure you take in the full impact of the HOA industry’s attitude toward the rest of us. They owe us a huge apology.