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Senator Carona and the Loan Star State

I’ve linked to this story before, but exposing this kind of person never gets old.

John Carona owns and runs Associa, the largest HOA management firm in the country. Many homeowners have bought into his neighborhoods and long regretted that decision. It’s tough to understand why Texans keep putting him in office.

This politician and his questionable business tactics need to be exposed at every opportunity.

(click here for link to Texas Tribune story)


Oh, How Sweet HOA Life Is!

Shadowglen Homeowners Association, Austin, Texas. Homeowners are beginning to get hefty fines if any vehicle parks in front of their house. It doesn’t matter if the car belongs to the next door neighbor, a delivery company or just a friend dropping by, homeowners are getting slammed with fines of $500 and more.

Isn’t it strange how all these HOAs start off so benign, yet end up so fascist? All it takes is a couple of new board members who suddenly find themselves in the first position of power they’ve ever possessed.

A Wonderful Thought!

This was sent to me by a friend of the Neighbors At War blog. I think it’s wonderful and describes perfectly what Homeowners Rights Advocates are up against!

’nuff said?
Ward Lucas

Texas Ain’t No Rain Forest

guest blog by Nila Ridings 

Effective September 1, 2013.  No more wasting the H2O!
The votes have been counted and the legislators of Texas have made it clear.  No more water is to be used on flowers from Japan or the Netherlands.  Plant what grows naturally and be happy with it! 
Across America billions of gallons of potable water is used for landscaping every single day!  Are we really this stupid?
It doesn’t make sense to process water through a water treatment plant and run it back out to the golf course sprinklers.  
“Don’t Mess With Texas!” And don’t run up the HOA legal bills fighting those who comply.  Ya hear?
BTW, this bill was sponsored by State Senator Kirk Watson and State Representative Dawnna Dukes (both of Austin).

Homeowner Angry About HOA Bullying By Satellite

LOL! I found the first one! A homeowner in a Texas Homeowners Association is furious because his HOA used satellite photos to spot covenant violations in his backyard. 

Gavin Henry bought his house in the Highland Park North Homeowners Association about three years ago. One of the things he liked about the house was the garden tool shed in the backyard. He could keep his lawn mower and tools put away and he liked the nice clean look of the neighborhood.

All of a sudden Henry got a notice of violation for the shed. If he didn’t remove it he was going to be fined and sued.