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Pennsylvania Widow Loses Home Over Six Bucks

The grapevine is buzzing about a Pennsylvania widow who inadvertently underpaid her property tax by six dollars & change and lost  her house at the county tax auction. This fight’s been going on for several years but now a judge has essentially told her, “The loss of her home was just fine and dandy.” Her $280,000 house seized and handed off to someone else.

When her husband died, she apparently got behind on the bills. She paid the property tax but she says she was never informed about the six dollar interest charge. She’s going to appeal, and who knows, she might win in a higher court.

Smoker’s Rights? Not In The Constitution, Buddy!

A man in a Naples, Florida condo is steaming over his Homeowners Association voting to ban smoking on the front porch. He smokes cigars on his lanai. But under the new rules he’ll have to take his stogie indoors.

I understand his concern about personal rights, but he’s actually getting off pretty easy right now. Across the country the courts have ruled that HOAs can also ban all smoking indoors!

Murdered By Swans, HOA Sued

I’m not sure how far this lawsuit will go, but homeowners in this HOA will end up with special assessments to pay all the lawyers.

Have you ever heard of someone being murdered by swans? Me neither. But according to this Illinois lawsuit mute swans are capable of breaking a man’s leg. That probably makes them as dangerous as a vicious dog. And we all know that HOAs which use vicious dogs in their common areas are not immune to lawsuits.

Who Are These Creeps, Anyway?

One of the only true homeowners’ advocates in Colorado is girding up for yet another battle against our ‘favorite’ HOA lobbyist organization, the CAI. But wait’ll you hear what Community Associations Institute has got up its sleeves this time!

A homeowners advocacy group has proposed a construction defects law which would allow homeowners to choose to settle disputes through low-cost out-of-court arbitration. It would also force HOA boards to seek the approval of homeowners before filing costly class action lawsuits. HOA boards can sometimes be very sneaky in secretly filing such litigation. In other words, THIS PROPOSED LAW PROTECTS HOMEOWNERS!

Blondie & The Bimbo, “Back in the Saddle, Again”

guest blog by Dave Russell 

The news this past weekend was shocking! Blondie Brewer signed Senate blondieBimboBill 1482 which prevents property owners from screening potential renters in Homeowners Associations. 

This controversial bill essentially eliminates crime-free programs in HOAs. It banishes criminal background checks on renters, and will allow criminals to move in right next door to your family.

Gal-Pals & Realtor chums Rep. Michelle Ugenti & Senator Gail Griffin plotted a sneaky scheme to bully their HOA legislation through. And they totally snowed fellow lawmakers into passing it.