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Life Gets Really Poopy In Las Vegas

Amanda Rhett must have thought she was living on a different planet last week. She had to face the board of the West Trop Homeowners Association to defend herself against a photograph showing two pieces of dog poop in the private back patio area of her home.

The offending feces were left by Amanda’s little miniature Yorkie. It’s not like this terrier was terrorizing the neighborhood by depositing ‘S’ bombs in all the common areas. It was two dog poops the size of a child’s little finger on this lady’s private patio.

It was either pay the $100 fine or find a new place to live.

Actually, this whole story is a really rather creepy. The photographer, obviously a member of the HOA staff, had to trespass onto this woman’s property, lean way over her private balcony rail to snap his photo of the offending poops.

This guy’s got a problem.

Talk about a feces fetish.

Thank You, Hackers! Thank You!!!

It’s been an interesting evening just casually surfing around the Internet. Haven’t done that for awhile. There’s just too much work involved in researching and writing my daily blog to go back to the casual surfing that I used to do.

But I’ve noticed that the recent hacker attacks that took down and trashed my website have actually ended up scattering 300 to 500 of my past web posts all over the Internet! My old webposts used to be pretty well organized and confined just to But a search of “ward lucas” or “ward lucas hoa” show that the “gods of the Internet” never forget anything. And a trashed website actually leads to multiple sites around the world spreading the message of our Homeowners Rights Movement.

So, rather than condemn the recent hackers who caused us so much work, we’re just happy to sit back and bask in the kind of sunlight that brings enlightenment to people who’ve wondered if they’re all alone in their fight against the neighborhood ‘lawn nazis’.  No, my friends, you are not alone. You are part of an awakening. You and your HOA problems are potentially viral.

“Dear God, thank You for free speech. It’s a beautiful thing. And it’s the only thing that keeps a free society free. Thank you, God.”


“Drop Your Pants, Bro!”

One of the weblogs that was lost in my recent hacker attack is going to be re-written here, simply because I have a quick break in my schedule. No, maybe it’s because I’m a little bit bored right now. But it has to do with the recent incident where Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was outraged after being manhandled by an airport TSA worker.

LOL! I had a similar experience right after 9-11 while returning to Denver after giving a speech in New Orleans. I was dressed in my customary business suit and tie, minding my own business, when a female guard pulled me out of the line of passengers for ‘special’ treatment. I was told to stand at a spot about six feet away from my fellow travelers and spread my legs. This woman then dropped to her knees in front of me and began the patdown of all patdowns. She touched places that haven’t been touched since my honeymoon. I was speechless. The nearby passengers were speechless.

When this woman had thoroughly handled all my potentially dangerous body parts she instructed me to return to my place in the line. Talk about shock and awe. The passenger right behind me whispered in my ear, “Well, did she find out if you’re circumcised?”

Every word of that story is true.

Back to Senator Claire McCaskill. It’s interesting to hear you whining about the TSA, Senator. But now you know what the rest of us have had to endure for the past 12 years!



Beyond Hilarious! Kick ’em Where It Hurts!

Dear Friends, I’ve spoken occasionally about keeping your sense of humor no matter what nightmare you’ve experienced. Yes, the battle against the national HOA scam can scar a person’s heart forever, but humor has the incredible power of healing the damage. And humor, in some cases, is more powerful than a nuclear weapon. Want proof?

United Airlines baggage handlers busted a guitar which (unhappily for United) was owned by Dave Carroll, a folk singer from Nova Scotia who has a finely honed sense of hilarious indignation. United refused to repair the damage to the guitar. And now there’s a song that’s gone viral. And another. And another. Now there’s even a book. And a speaking tour. A Google search turns up nearly four million hits. It’s all called, “United Breaks Guitars.”

United Airlines has lost millions and millions of dollars in its public image because of this one singer’s poetic irony. United has now offered to pay for a new guitar. It’s offered to buy the song rights. It’s offered the singer vast sums of money to take his songs and his story off of YouTube. But with millions of fans watching the song, Dave Carroll just can’t afford to quit singing. And United Airlines continues to lose millions in its public image. That’s how powerful humor is!

Dave Carroll’s second video is even funnier than the first.

United Airlines, the behemoth that it is, has learned that every single customer is important. In our fight against the racketeering that pervades the American Homeowners Association Movement, every single homeowner is important. And that’s what arrogant organizations like the Community Associations Institute may learn at some lovely point in the future.

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!!!

We in the Homeowners Rights Movement are deadly serious, and we hear so many heartbreaking stories from around the country. But it’s critically important that we all keep a sense of humor. Our movement is not Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or Libertarian. It’s about keeping government out of our pockets and our bedrooms. But remember that the political movement which is able to laugh, mock, even poke fun at itself; that’s often the one that wins!

Remember that Richard Nixon won the Presidency after agreeing to use the idiotic “sock it to me” line on the controversial comedy show, Laugh In.

It’s quite possible he only won the Oval Office because the country thought he had a sense of humor.

Clint Eastwood’s bit with the chair at the Republican National Convention didn’t win the election. But it may have tightened the margins.

And for many years, George Carlin has paved the way for Democrats and liberals to win office.

Back to us: we absolutely need to keep our sense of humor!!!  A friend of mine in the old Kingston Trio (“Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley”), is working on a CD of songs mocking the abuse by the HOA tort industry. I’ve heard some, and they’re hysterical.

And yes, Good Friends, we already do have a friend in the Los Angeles music business named H.D. Flagle. Most of our ‘in-crowd’ has already heard his HOA song, which he donated to the movement after his mom was harrassed and burned by her own HOA. But for those new readers who join our blogs each day, here’s the link to his song:

It takes a while to load, but thanks to Jan Bergemann and his Cyber Citizens for Justice ( we can help keep the humor alive.