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HOA Burglars!

I guess we learn things all the time and this one is interesting. It’s a paper published in the University of Cincinnati Law Review about the 2008-2009 mortgage meltdown. Lending institutions are way behind on dealing with all the foreclosed properties. They’ve hired property management companies to help deal with the overload.

Now there’s been a rash of lawsuits by homeowners late on their payments who’ve come back to find that their homes have been trashed and their personal property stolen. Seems it’s being done by these third-party contractors hired by the mortgage companies.

I wonder if there’s any spillover by management companies that foreclose on liens on people in Homeowners Associations?

(link to paper on mortgage burglaries)


Sometimes,the Good Guy Wins!

Florida’s Jan Bergemman is one of the early heroes of the homeowners’ rights movement. For many years, he’s had his sights set on putting rules in place that would stop the mindless unregulated tyranny in Homeowners Associations. Jan describes himself as a “retired chef from Germany.” But he’s worked tirelessly in his state to try to wake people up to the organized crime syndicate behind the Homeowners Association Movement.

This blogger was skeptical, at first, when reading about proposed new anti-HOA laws in Florida. “Impossible!” I thought, when finding that common sense laws were being suggested in the original ‘tyranny state.’

But Bergemann & Company came through and beginning July 1st, the state began regulating and trying to control some of the wildly out-of-control fascism that rules many Florida HOA communities.

First step: registration of all HOAs.

Second step: No homeowner can lose his home to HOA foreclosure when his dues are late!

Third step: Homeowners actually get the right to inspect documents in their own HOA. Sadly, this had to be legislated. It shows how outrageously out of control secretive Homeowners Associations have gotten.

Fourth step: Husbands and wives on the same board are a conflict-of-interest! Wow!

Fifth step: HOA board members and managers cannot personally profit when awarding contracts. If this one sticks, it’s huge. A first in the entire nation.

This is all what Arizona’s George Staropoli has long termed “The Enlightenment Movement.” I like that term, but I don’t have the guts to steal it from George.

Whatever term is used, this is like changing the course of a wayward ocean liner. It can’t be reversed immediately. It takes time, effort and risk to right the ship-of-state.

But Jan? Congratulations! I never would have predicted your victory on behalf of all homeowners. Jan’s website is  http://www.ccfj.net

The Orlando.com article is linked below.



The Dearth of Common Sense!

An ancient police axiom says, “Bad police work makes for bad case law.” A parallel in journalism is, “Careless writing makes for bad libel law.”

Somehow, you’d think some semblance of that wisdom would get through to some of the 335,000 Homeowners Associations in our country, especially those who’ve been well-described as “the lawn nazis” or the “condo commandos”. In many such neighborhoods people don’t talk to each other or have folks over for dinner.

Maybe that’s why so many state legislators are beginning to pay attention and talk about enacting laws to tap down the “little hitlers’ who seem to enjoy causing pain and distress among their neighbors.

Parking on the street overnight can bring such fines as $650, or for a fellow in Buckeye, “$1600”! Yes, there’s a madness afoot in this country, but at least one state, Arizona, has passed new parking legislation that says, “You can’t fine somebody for parking on a city-owned street.

Gosh, you’d think some bits of wisdom would be second nature!

But they’re not.

Thus, the law.


(original source)



“Drop Your Pants, Bro!”

One of the weblogs that was lost in my recent hacker attack is going to be re-written here, simply because I have a quick break in my schedule. No, maybe it’s because I’m a little bit bored right now. But it has to do with the recent incident where Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was outraged after being manhandled by an airport TSA worker.

LOL! I had a similar experience right after 9-11 while returning to Denver after giving a speech in New Orleans. I was dressed in my customary business suit and tie, minding my own business, when a female guard pulled me out of the line of passengers for ‘special’ treatment. I was told to stand at a spot about six feet away from my fellow travelers and spread my legs. This woman then dropped to her knees in front of me and began the patdown of all patdowns. She touched places that haven’t been touched since my honeymoon. I was speechless. The nearby passengers were speechless.

When this woman had thoroughly handled all my potentially dangerous body parts she instructed me to return to my place in the line. Talk about shock and awe. The passenger right behind me whispered in my ear, “Well, did she find out if you’re circumcised?”

Every word of that story is true.

Back to Senator Claire McCaskill. It’s interesting to hear you whining about the TSA, Senator. But now you know what the rest of us have had to endure for the past 12 years!



Sign The Petition, Dummy!

LOL! Forgive me, but I’m corrupt enough to use any kind of inflammatory headline to get you to read deeper. And no, of course you are not dummies…UNLESS you refuse to consider signing the petition to the White House composed by George Staropoli, a man who is a giant in the world of HOA reason and Constitutionalism.

The left is all abuzz about a few on the right who are proposing seceeding from the Republic because of the results of the last election. First, those well-meaning people have an absolute right to propose secession to express their opinion. Second, secession won’t work, that’s what national elections are all about. If you don’t like it, vote for someone new in the next election. Just change it.

But the third point is a whopper! And it took someone of Staropoli’s clear-headed thinking to come up with it.

Homeowners Associations, as private non-profit corporations, preside over traditional neighborhoods, acting exactly like traditional governments. They impose taxes, create laws that govern private behavior, exert police power or police-like power, levy fines, and often seize and auction the homes of tragic ‘miscreants’ who don’t understand the de-fact powers possessed by Homeowners Associations.

Folks, whether you accept it or not, Homeowners Associations have already seceeded from the Union. That’s right! They constitute a parallel government that often operates outside the confines of traditional Constitutionally controlled government. And that’s scary.

Across the country there are thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of cases where HOAs have taken thuggish legal action against homeowners for no other reason than they are black, oriental, hispanic, gay, single, female or handicapped. Federal discrimination laws be damned!

So, to bring this full circle: George Staropoli is circulating a petition to the White House to try to show the growing movement of homeowners who’ve educated themselves and become concerned about this “Shadow Government.” It is definitely a matter of concern. 20% of our populace now lives in neighborhoods where a member cannot rely on traditional Constitutional protections.

So, Dummy! Click on the link below, and SIGN THE PETITION!