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My Ego Conflict

I hate to call it a character flaw while still admitting the possibility that I’m sometimes loathe to reveal ‘insider information’ about the Neighbors At War website. But it’s clear it’s becoming a growing clearinghouse of ideas proposed to solve a serious social problem. Sure, I’m a mercenary trying to pump up sales of what my ego tells me is a pretty good book. At the same time, large numbers of people are actually coming together and learning and sharing ideas on how we radicals, we wretched masses of the discontented can come together to have a profound impact on changing a very flawed American institution.

Can They Really Do That?

Can an HOA which dissolved itself really come back to life and start liening homes?

Can an HOA refuse to disclose its budget to homeowners?

Sadly, we get questions like these all the time. And the answer: An HOA can do whatever the heck it wants, whenever the heck it wants and there’s very little you as a homeowner can do about it.

70 Years Ago Today…Far Far Away in Normandy

guest blog by Nila Ridings

It’s with deep emotions and a heavy heart that I write this blog about D-Day.

On that beach, dressed in the United States Army military fatigues with a rifle and a helmet was the man that ten years later would become the most influential person in my life. He was six feet tall, slender, beautiful blue eyes, thick dark brown hair with a wave on the side, a grin that melted everybody’s heart, and a sense of humor that could turn the toughest situations into one that made me laugh. Mom’s girlfriends said he was so dreamy looking he could have been a movie star. By the grace of God, I was one of three lucky girls that got to call him Dad.

Way Off Topic, But Critically Important To All Americans

editor’s note: as a reporter I’ve been exposing massive abuses in the VA for thirty years, and nothing has ever happened to change the plight of our soldiers. Do I have a dog in the fight? Of course, with several family members currently being abused by this system it’s maddening to see the abuses continue. Please study the paper below by Col. Frank.

a guest blog by Letter from: Colonel Robert Frank, USAF (Ret.)
May 30, 2014 @ 22:15:27

The following is being posted on a dozen of the most active LinkedIn military and veterans groups with a combined total of over 50,000 readers. But, much more social media exposure is needed by those more expert than I.