“Damn the Disabled!” -Brookfield Farms HOA

Discrimination has long been a hallmark of the modern HOA movement. The disabled, Negroes, Orientals, members of the Mongol race, gays, the handicapped, non-married adults. I’ve seen that in my own Colorado HOA, stories I relate in my book, Neighbors At War. I’ve seen it firsthand, but since starting this website I’ve been stunned at the number of blatantly racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic stories that are happening daily in American homeowner associations. There just aren’t enough courtrooms to handle all those cases, Ah, there are enough lawyers, to be sure. More than enough. Just not enough courtrooms.

In Lafayette, Indiana the Brookfield Farms Homeowners Association has made it clear they don’t want three handicapped people living in their neighborhood. “It’s a group home,” they’re screaming. “We don’t allow three unmarried handicapped people to live in a single home. And we’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary!”

Stupid people. They’ll lose, of course. Federal law is pretty clear about abuse and discrimination against handicapped people. But in the meantime this idiot board will cost its homeowners tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

Avoid HOA life like the plague. It looks good on paper. But when planning to buy into the HOA scam just remember you’re putting all of your personal assets into a common pool of money with people you don’t know and have never even met. All your assets including the equity of your house are being pledged to pay for moronic legal positions like the one being taken by Brookfield Farms in Indiana.

(link to Indianapolis Star article on discrimination against the disabled)


4 thoughts on ““Damn the Disabled!” -Brookfield Farms HOA

  1. Tom dee

    One wonders why the board would openly flaunt a law with heavy federal attention. This would sound silly until one realizes that the board members could very well be milking the association so they do not care that in the long term they will leave the homeowners with huge legal bill. They might be happy to just leave on judgement day with their pockets full of cash. They in many cases will risk nothing other than the value of a property they might own. Sanity usually has little to do with HOA boards.

  2. Craig

    Did you even read the Indianapolis Star article? It clearly states that this had nothing to do with the disabled per the HOA’s attorney. Since a lot of the residence are the elderly, that would make zero sense. Where did Ward get these quotes? Where did Ward get his information for his article? Clearly not from the Indianapolis Star.

  3. Robin Lee

    Well aren’t you trying to sell books. You don’t have ANY of your facts right in this case and I know this because I live in this neighborhood. We currently have handicap folks, white, Asian, Latino, even mixed race couples, AND gay (singles and couples). All of this in a neighborhood of only 92 homes. Our convenants state that only single family residents can live in the home and renters need to live in a home for a year before they can rent it out.

    These folks were told they could change the convenants if they wanted and the process would take a minimum of 90 days, they decided complaining was easier and people like you are only trying to sell books by twisting the truth to suite yourself. There are tons of REAL issues in this world without making them up maybe you should check with both sides before printing garbage like this…oh wait…that doesn’t sell books!

  4. robin lee

    Go ahead and delete my comments all you want I merely stated the facts ..i guess the fact don’t help you sell worthless books.


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