Can Dinosaurs Wreck Property Values?

Oh, Lordy, I love this job! It never gets old.

Good neighborhoods are quirky. That’s because people are quirky, and their quirks keep us all smiling and make the world go ’round. The problem with Homeowners Associations is that they’re bland, bleached, with a sameness that brings everyone to the same level. Standing out from the crowd is a well-known guaranty of getting yourself sued.

The New Territory Residential Community Association in Sugar Land, Texas is having a conniption fit over some ‘yard art’ in front of one family’s home. Other families have decorative lions in their front yards. But the Hentschel family has put up some beautifully made statuary that’s unique: metal sculptures of a velociraptor and a T-Rex.

Of course, they’ll get liened, fined and probably sued. And that’s a shame. I would give my eye teeth to be able to live next door to the Hentschel family!

(link to USA Today story on HOA dinosaurs)


1 thought on “Can Dinosaurs Wreck Property Values?

  1. AngelaB

    Hum. I think they should be required to take the bird bath down too because that will surely attract mosquitoes (no matter how often they clean and change the water, of course), and once there are mosquitoes around the neighborhood has really gone downhill. LOL.

    Seriously, though, I love this. I bet the kids in the neighborhood love this. I hope they post their “compliance letters.” They should be a joy to read. What clause or clauses will they get them for?


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