“Every HOA Should Be Worried”

Yep, that’s the quotable quote emerging from an HOA scandal in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Residents of the Russett Community Association voted to throw out the top two board members who homeowners claimed were misusing HOA funds. True to form, the two board members voted that the recall elections weren’t valid because they weren’t approved by the board. Then they fought the recall election in court, and of course they spent neighborhood dues money to pay for their own defense. It happens in thousands of HOAs across the country!

Power play in Russett: But many residents unaffected by battle over community leadership

In this case, though, a judge ordered that the two board bullies step down from their positions. They’re not going easily, though. They’ve squandered anywhere from 80 to 100,000 bucks and more in dues money to fight the homeowners in court.

Those of us ‘in the know’ just shake our heads in wonder.

(link to HOA scandal in Capital Gazette)



3 thoughts on ““Every HOA Should Be Worried”

  1. Cynthia

    Yes, Ward, many of us do “shake their heads and wonder.” We also try to get the word and truth out to as many as we can! A very good blog post on this HOA horror!
    Thank you!

  2. Dave Russell

    All of this time and money spent fighting to save a position that pays nothing? Makes you wonder who has their hand stuck in the HOAs cookie jar.

  3. AngelaB

    I highly suspect money mismanagement in my condo HOA. Our monthly dues have been going steadily up each year to pay for repairs that I never see happening. Meanwhile we have rotting balconies and trim and our landscaping is bleak to say the least. I am almost tempted to have my balcony redone at mine own expense, but I’m sure I’d get punished somehow for doing it.


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