The HOA Tsunami Is Coming!

It’s all about the news media, folks. It’s all about publicity. P.T. Barnum was once rumored to have said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity, it’s all publicity.”

Five years ago I wouldn’t have believed it possible, but now anti-HOA stories have almost gone mainstream. Our misery as HOA homeowners really is getting out there and prospective home buyers are paying attention. Does a Homeowners Association really protect your property values?  Well, your property is only worth what someone is willing to pay. So if a growing number of people are saying they’ll never buy an HOA property, doesn’t that mean your HOA is actually hurting your property values?

Fantastic story on FOX-Network!

1 thought on “The HOA Tsunami Is Coming!

  1. Cynthia

    Ward, When I saw this article I posted it on numerous FB sites and sent it out with a message via email. I will post below. It is long overdue that the mainstream media report the truths and facts on the crime and criminality, legal abuses, selective discrimination abuses, frauds, terrorizing, harassment and property thefts countless innocent HOA homeowners have been forced to endure over the last 20 years, or so! This is great that Mr. Massi’s “voice” and large audience will benefit from him delivering some of the truth on the HOA homeowner trap in America!

    My message with the FB post and email:

    “Thank you to Jill Schweitzer for sharing this article.

    My comment to Jill: Jill Schweitzer: I went to Robert Massi, two, maybe three, or more times years ago and asked him for help in writing and exposing what was going on and the truths about what was being done to innocent HOA homeowners in these HOA crimes, criminality, homeowner abuses and property thefts. He didn’t want have any interest. He could not be bothered. But now, that he can lend his name and “expertise” to a hot topic, I guess he will give his expert advice? Hum… However, did you see his statement, in the article? “If you are thinking of buying a home governed by an HOA, here’s how to enter into the relationship with your eyes wide open:” Gosh, Jill Schweitzer, I wonder where he got that?”


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