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Balls the Size of Texas!

Our old buddies, the ethically-challenged Associa Companies are trying to bribe homeowners into ‘liking’ them on FaceBook. Associa is the massive HOA management company run by the infamous Texas state senator, John Carona. Billions of dollars flow through his fingers as he rams pro-HOA, anti-homeowner laws through his state legislature. But if a Georgia homeowner ‘likes’ his or her Associa-run neighborhood on FaceBook that homeowner just might win a 200 dollar prize.

Nah, I have to amend that: The neighborhood that racks up the most ‘likes’ can win a 200 dollar prize.

Oops! Let me amend that again: The neighborhood that wins, doesn’t get 200 dollars. It gets 200 dollars worth of ‘vendor services’. And it just so happens that Senator Carona and his Associa affiliates also own all the vendors which supply his own HOAs. It’s amazing the way this billionaire politician’s pockets are all connected with each other.  


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Kind Of Funny, When The News Media Begin To ‘Get It!’

Yep, nobody’s guiltier than this long-time reporter. So many times over the past four decades the real import of a story has just  sailed over my stupid fuzzy head.

But it’s fun to be a witness when a reporter suddenly has that head-thunking moment when he or she realizes that they’re actually reporting on a story that has real national significance!

Today’s ‘head-thunker’ is Jodie Fleischer of “Channel 2 Action News” in Forsyth County, Georgia. She’s just discovered that private HOA security guards are embued with the same powers as police officers in making traffic stops inside Homeowners Associations. Now try to understand this: Homeowners Associations are private non-profit corporations which have ZERO government powers, ZERO government enforcement abilities. Yet these sleazy little white-bastion gated communities are acting like they have all the Constitutional Powers customarily reserved for trained police officers. Every trained cop in the country should be mightily offended.

We’ve already had the Trayvon Martin disaster where an untrained ‘HOA security cop’ killed a kid who was walking through the neighborhood. Again, I have no opinion as to whether the fault was Trayvon’s or George Zimmerman’s. But this is like a ticking time bomb in every one of the nation’s carefully coiffed gated communities.

Trial lawyers are broke right now. Their phones have stopped ringing. The recession has eaten deeply into their personal savings. They are birds-of-prey at this moment, floating and circling over the countryside looking for any available carrion in these HOA communities. Every single time a private security guard pulls his lights, siren, badge and ticket writing stunt on a detained motorist, there’s a lawsuit in the making.

Every time a lusty young private HOA security guard takes a sideways glance at a low-cut blouse on the most recently detained motorist, there’s gonna be Hell to pay.

And it ain’t Hell that’s going to be paying the legal bills. It’s each and every member of that private gated Homeowners Association.

Jodie Fleischer, take it from a long-time fellow reporter. You’re hanging onto the threads of a donkey’s tail. This story will kick you into the mud, or into the Big Leagues.


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They’re Fake Kops!

Egads, I get my dander up at stories like this: HOA employees impersonating police officers.

Well, the Illinois Supreme Court in its infinite wisdom recently ruled that an untrained HOA security guard could use police powers against a resident, flashing lights, siren, physical detention and a demand for a check written out to the local HOA.

Now, let’s move to Georgia where the “good ol’ boys” live. Give that man a siren and a gun and he’ll soon be in close contact with every attractive woman in the neighborhood.

I really don’t want to pick on Georgia, in particular. But I once lived there and in my testosterone-soaked youth would have loved to have had the power to pull over and chat with certain female motorists. I also knew some good ol’ Georgia boys who I wouldn’t have trusted with my family dog.

But in the St. Marlo Country Club Homeowners Association, a gated community of course, HOA employees are using radar guns, sirens, badges, and staking out stop signs. These ‘brats’ then waddle up to the motorist’s door and ask to see driver’s license and insurance.


They don’t know the first thing about Miranda and Escobedo, and about illegal force, and warrantless search, and any of the other fine points of that annoying document some of us refer to as the U.S. Constitution.

Jodie Fleischer of Action 2 News in Forsyth County, Georgia did the report linked below.

But, Dear God, when will the madness stop?  WHEN?


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