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Balls the Size of Texas!

Our old buddies, the ethically-challenged Associa Companies are trying to bribe homeowners into ‘liking’ them on FaceBook. Associa is the massive HOA management company run by the infamous Texas state senator, John Carona. Billions of dollars flow through his fingers as he rams pro-HOA, anti-homeowner laws through his state legislature. But if a Georgia homeowner ‘likes’ his or her Associa-run neighborhood on FaceBook that homeowner just might win a 200 dollar prize.

Nah, I have to amend that: The neighborhood that racks up the most ‘likes’ can win a 200 dollar prize.

Kind Of Funny, When The News Media Begin To ‘Get It!’

Yep, nobody’s guiltier than this long-time reporter. So many times over the past four decades the real import of a story has justĀ  sailed over my stupid fuzzy head.

But it’s fun to be a witness when a reporter suddenly has that head-thunking moment when he or she realizes that they’re actually reporting on a story that has real national significance!

They’re Fake Kops!

Egads, I get my dander up at stories like this: HOA employees impersonating police officers.

Well, the Illinois Supreme Court in its infinite wisdom recently ruled that an untrained HOA security guard could use police powers against a resident, flashing lights, siren, physical detention and a demand for a check written out to the local HOA.

Now, let’s move to Georgia where the “good ol’ boys” live. Give that man a siren and a gun and he’ll soon be in close contact with every attractive woman in the neighborhood.