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Calling All Lawyers!

One of my unspoken goals in creating this blogsite is to gradually build a list of lawyers in each and every state who are not beholden to such dismal anti-homeowner organizations as the Community Associations Institute. Other bloggers and I have been assembling a list of attorneys who truly represent homeowners against HOA bullies and management companies. So I solicit your input on lawyers you think deserve to be recommended by our network. You can privately email me at ward@NeighborsAtWar.com. Ultimately, our vetted list will be made available on all sorts of homeowners rights blogs.

More & More Lawyers on the Homeowners’ Side!

Homeowners are gradually finding more lawyers willing to represent them against bully HOA boards. That’s great news. Along that line, a Florida law firm is aggressively advertising that it will take up cases of wronged homeowners. Their online ad is pretty good. We need at least one law firm like this in every state.

(link to Denmon & Denmon HOA ad)



Lawyers and HOAs

HOAs are lawsuit machines, not a doubt in my mind. And keeping neighborhoods all stewed up is all about full-time employment for lawyers. With that in mind, you’ll be stunned reading a column in last week’s USA Today.

(link to column on the lawyer cartel)


“Utopia: Kill All The Lawyers” -Shakespeare

After more than 40 years as an investigative reporter, I’ve sat in hundreds of courtrooms and watched thousands of lawyers up close and personal. And I have many friends and two family members who are lawyers. But I make no secret of the fact that the legal practice is in desperate need of reform. Over the four decades I’ve watched defense attorneys lie their butts off in the courtroom. And I’ve seen the same thing from prosecutors. Sure, the Constitution guarantees that each accused suspect gets to have the best possible defense. But if that defense is an outrageous and provable lie, then something is fundamentally wrong with the American legal system.