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Another HOA Flag Lawsuit

Texas has legislation that prevents HOAs from harassing homeowners over their display of the American flag. But that hasn’t stopped the Forrest Lake Townhouse Association from suing homeowner Billy B. Martin over his flag. Martin says the HOA’s flag at the clubhouse was tattered. The board members wouldn’t do anything about it. So he put up his own. That’s when the HOA started fining him $200 a day.

On Hiring the Cops to be Cops

Houston’s Oak Forest Homeowners Association is discussing hiring off-duty sheriff’s deputies to patrol their neighborhood.

There’s an obvious and historic conflict-of-interest in hiring off-duty cops to perform the exact same duties in the exact same neighborhoods that they patrol during on-duty hours. And over the years there’ve been plenty of scandals involving off-duty police work.

Additionally, hiring police officers will not give the Oak Forest HOA immunity from any lawsuits in lawsuit-happy Texas. In fact, it may even be even more tempting for the litigious to sue for excessive force or other alleged ‘bad cop’ behavior. They get to sue the cop, AND the police department, AND city/county government, AND the HOA. Each entity has insurance to ‘buy off’ the lawsuit. Nice!

Texas Tort Reform Sadly Insufficient

Governor Rick Perry talks frequently about how tort reform in Texas has turned around a medical malpractice crisis.

Possibly it did work. But after reading the article linked below, ask yourself if deceptive HOA fines, liens and foreclosures in Texas shouldn’t attract the same kind of reform?

Texas is one of the top states where the HOA system has deprived homeowners of fundamental Constitutional rights.

I used to live in Texas. In fact, I grew up with the ‘Blue Book’ which was required reading for all Texas elementary school students. It taught Texas kids to be proud of their state’s revolutionary heritage and to question authority. Back then it was a thing of pride to be a Texan. But that was before the HOA Movement put millions of Texas homeowners in a death grip.

Just the Daily Tragedy

Another American homeowner is about to lose his home to his HOA.
David Moore has lived in the Huntington Place Homeowners Association in San Antonio, Texas, for eighteen years. But two years ago the neighborhood’s management company began assessing fines against Moore that added up to more than two hundred thousand dollars for alleged covenant violations. Among the violations, not keeping his grass short enough, and for a cat door built in his garage nearly two decades ago.
Moore will eventually learn that very few homeowners win this kind of fight. HOAs in Texas and elsewhere are being taught to taunt homeowners into expensive legal confrontations. Moore’s assets will end up in the hands of law firms and HOA management companies.
It’s just another example of a tort system that’s wildly out of control.
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Words of Great Wisdom

These words were once penned by one of the mightiest men in our movement. Understand, of course, there are still miles to go before we sleep. But read, Dear Friend, and take heart.

And the  Land Shall Be Made Good Again

George K. Staropoli

copyright 2006 George K.  Staropoli

 In the  beginning

There was  the land,

And the  land was good

And the  people were happy.


Soon upon  the land

Came the  moneychangers

In the  guise of builders

Of the  community.


And the  moneychangers said