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Nevada Can’t Make HOAs Obey The Law!

A wild story was broken this morning by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. A member of the Nevada state board which oversees Homeowners Associations says financial conflicts of interest on his own board essentially render it impotent and dysfunctional.

Jonathan Friedrich is one of the most prominent Homeowners Rights advocates in Nevada. Earlier this year he was appointed as one of seven members of the Commission for Common Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels. But Friedrich has been frustrated in his efforts to reign in some of the more outrageous behavior of many Homeowners Associations.

A prominent example is the habit of Homeowners Associations to tack on huge collections fees and legal costs on fines issued to homeowners. A fine of a couple hundred dollars often soars to thousands of dollars, far exceeding what state law allows. But HOAs really don’t bother to follow state statutes. They just want the money. And four of the seven member State Commission in Nevada apparently have no intention of enforcing the law.

HOAs have super-priority liens on all housing meaning they collect their money before the mortgage company gets a chance to collect. And that’s led to a vast number of Nevada houses sitting vacant. No prospective buyer wants to invest in a house which has thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in liens that have to be paid off. Even the federal government, which owns a large number of foreclosed homes, can’t get rid of its Nevada inventory.

Friedrich says a majority of the members on the state panel have conflicts of interest: They are representatives of the Homeowners Association industry. They personally profit from sheltering HOAs and their illegal fines. And they oppose any move to force HOAs to abide by state limits on how high a homeowner’s fines can go.

Not covered in the Review-Journal article linked below is that one of the commission members who’s thwarting HOA reform has said he’s a founding member of CAI, the powerful money-guzzling Community Associations Institute. And at least two other commission members are CAI members.

Conflicts of interest, illegally excessive fines, flouting of state and federal law: It’s really no surprise in the HOA industry.

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Nevada has some slimy creatures. But this one has finally been nailed by the U.S. Attorney. Las Vegas huckster Leon Benzer has at long last been indicted for leading the organized crime ring that bled untold tens of millions of dollars out of that state’s Homeowners Associations.

Benzer has claimed innocence all along. In fact, he’s now saying that he got personal approval for running his racket by the Nevada Attorney General. While that’s totally believable, the HOA scam was totally unbelievable. More than two dozen participants have already pleaded guilty to rigging HOA board elections so they could put phony straw men on the boards and divert millions of dollars to Benzer, a bunch of lawyers, a few police officials and a politician here and there.

Oh, and this is the case where forty percent of the first ten suspects accused ‘committed suicide,’ at least one of them in impossible circumstances. But that’s the Vegas way.

The real tragedy here is that the FBI may be winding down its investigation. But with all they’ve learned during this four year investigation, they could transplant this team of federal agents to any city in the country and they’d find just as much corruption. HOA scams are going on all over.

And on that, you can depend. 

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No More HOA For Playboy Bunny & Pooch!

Playboy Bunny

By Guest Blogger Nila Ridings!

Playboy BunnyFormer Playboy Bunny Holly Madison thought it would be a fun idea to build a doghouse perfectly designed to match her own home in Las Vegas. She even hired a contractor to make sure it was perfectly built.
Well, someone in the HOA was upset with the way something was built. And Holly is losing a Ben Franklin each month in HOA fines. Apparently, it wasn’t the doghouse that upset the local HOA. It was just the fact that it’s painted pink.
In any event, Holly is moving and taking her perfectly built doghouse with her. She may have trouble finding another home in Las Vegas, though. The only new housing there is under HOA control. And Las Vegas HOAs have a horrible reputation.
Holly?  Are you listening? Stay away from HOAs!

Excellent Reporting on Vegas HOA Scandal

Jeff German of the Las Vegas Review Journal is one of the few who’s done ongoing stellar work in reporting on the massive Nevada HOA scandal. If there are still any skeptics in America who think I’ve been exaggerating about the American HOA Movement being rife with old fashioned organized crime, then please follow German’s reporting.

Here’s his latest:

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A New Selling Point for the Central Park Homeowners Association

Kudos, once again, to Las Vegas reporter Darcy Spears. Her latest expose’, though, makes me want tear someone’s eyes out of their head.

Vegas is sort of the center-of-the-world for corruption among HOA boards. But the latest crimes are the ones committed against children. 10 year old Paul Busch has been banned by the Central Park Homeowners Association  from playing in any of the common areas for the next six months. His crime? A board member claims he saw Paul and a friend break a sprinkler head. There’s no proof of course, except the word of this board member. Well, I take that back, there was another witness who specifically said the boy didn’t do it.

Still, Paul’s mother was hit with several HOA fines.

The creepiest part of the story is that Paul’s mom grew up in Communist East Germany. She says the spying that went on there was at least a little more subtle.

Well Comrade Eva, welcome to HOA Amerika.