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Looking Into The Face Of Evil

There’s just no other way to put this, but the Community Associations Institute, along with its blood brothers including Associa, run by Texas State Senator John Carona, are just ugly institutions. Not illegal. Just ugly.  And every American homeowner needs to be educated to avoid the kinds of financial assaults that have victimized thousands of homeowners across the country.

Our American founders, afraid of ending up with the same kind of European monarchy they had just left,  wrote a Constitution that forbade our new government from interfering in rights that were bestowed on us, not by government, but by God. In their vision, God given rights could not be subsumed by a Monarchy or a Dictatorship, or even a ‘majority’ of the people. Remember that we do not live in a Democracy. A wild out-of-control mob is a democracy, and that is not our form of government.

No, our rights emanate from God. Remember that. Repeat that. All human rights emanate from God.

With that in mind, I provide you with a page from the CAI playbook as it begins using its vast wealth and power against the Homeowner Association reform bill now percolating in the North Carolina Legislature.  I will highlight some sentences that offend me and should outrage you.

 Here goes:

Repeal of Foreclosure Option for HOAs and POAs

February 13, 2013: Representatives R. Moore, Alexander and Hamilton introduced an NC House bill to repeal the ability of a HOA/POA to use foreclosure as a tool in the collection of delinquent dues. This bill modifies G.S. §47F-3-116 of the NC Planned Community Act and 47C-3-116 of the Condominium Act to accomplish its goal. The effect of this bill, if passed by the NC House and Senate and signed by the governor would be to remove the option for HOA/POAs to use foreclosure as a method of recovering unpaid dues and force them to use the much more expensive method of bringing a Civil Action in court to accomplish the recovery. The Civil Actions are much more expensive and the courts have not always awarded attorney fees and court costs to the winner of the suit. This can mean that even if the HOA/POA wins the suit, they may lose money because of their costs to bring the suit to trial. Removing the foreclosure option for HOA/POAs could have a devastating impact on the finances of HOA/POAs. The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary A Committee.

The CAI-NC LAC opposes this bill and will use all of its resources to assure that it does not become law. HOA/POA Board members should contact their NC House and Senate members and request that they oppose passage of this bill, referred to as HB-175. For more information and current status of this bill, go to www.ncleg.net and search for HB-175.

    =    =    =     =    =    =    =     =

Dear Friends, I hope you understand that the CAI is acknowledging that it likes a slanted playing field.  It wants the law so biased that this massively wealthy organization acts as judge, jury, king and executioner. Under this system there are no God-given rights. If this law is passed in North Carolina it will amount to a massive restructuring of Society. Look for other states to do the same.

I’m am not trying to oversell this point, but I have read some history books. Adolph Hitler found a way to take control with a minority party behind him. He did not make the world a better place.




We the People, Screw the People

Across this grand country of ours, people are waking up to the massive corruption scheme known as the Homeowners Association Movement. This cash cow has transferred billions of dollars from the assets of homeowners into the pockets of the tort industry. No lawyer can afford NOT to represent Homeowners Associations against individual homeowners. And lots of HOA board officials get slipped cash for going along with the program.

Is this writer really serious? Isn’t he a little off his rocker? Organized crime? Didn’t we all think all members of the Mafia were either dead or in prison?

Well, RICO statutes (racketeering) were certainly aimed at the Mafia. But RICO laws were also aimed at any and all white collar crime that crossed state borders and was therefore subject to federal law. It’s under these very statutes that FBI agents raided scores of Homeowners Associations in Nevada, and under these statutes that the U.S. Attorney was able to indict at least forty lawyers, police officials, HOA board officials, political figures, management company executives and others in the last four year’s worth of Federal Grand Jury investigations.

I started this blog off by talking about how people are waking up. Well, so is the massive tort industry. It’s working madly to smash down any legislation aimed at stopping the organized and profitable abuse of homeowners. The latest proposed HOA tort reform is in North Carolina. But it appears from the article linked below that yet another attempt to restore the Bill of Rights to homeowners is being sucked down the tube.

Do you feel ill, yet? You should.



‘Tis The Season To Be Folly

Ah yes, Good Friends. This is the season where bad neighbors are supposed to join hands, ill will is forgotten and life is reborn. After all, the Christmas holiday theoretically celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the human form of God Almighty. The birth of Jesus and His subsequent ministry changed the world in a mightier way than any other man, religion, idea, or concept in history.

True Christian brotherhood should never have permitted the Crusades, or the enslavement of races, or a host of other things that Mankind has brought upon himself. Belief in Jesus Christ mandates that believers forgive, forget, and make a moral and spiritual change that amounts to a profound rebirth of the inner spirit. True Christian brotherhood also mandates that even non-believers and skeptics be given as much respect, consideration and love as those inside the faith. Christ was inclusive, not exclusionary, and Christ-followers do not have the right to assume themselves better, or wiser, or more blessed than non-believers, or to demand that non-believers change their ways and accept a belief system against their wishes and without question.

Christ-followers make just as many mistakes as those outside the faith, and human conflict doesn’t vanish simply because someone wishes another “Merry Christmas.”  No, strife goes on, and will always go on because all men and women, including Christians, are imperfect.

This blog is usually about that odd American institution known as Homeowners Associations, an invention originally devised to keep blacks, Orientals and Jews out of white neighborhoods. Doesn’t sound very ‘christian’, does it?

Some believers like to play the WWJD game when confronted with a controversial and puzzling life situation. WWJD?  What Would Jesus Do? Trying to understand the life and ministry of Jesus, in light of a given current controversy, which side would this incredible figure in history take?

For example, WWJD in a neighborhood where widows have their homes foreclosed upon when money is short and the HOA dues are late?  WWJD in a neighborhood where a child with Down’s Syndrome is forbidden from playing outside because the HOA won’t permit a porch enclosure to keep the child from wandering into the street? WWJD with a neighborhood where Negroes are subtlely steered by Realtors away from Caucasian enclaves? WWJD with a Homeowners Association that threatened to sue, seize and auction off a home where a child used firewood and branches to set up a temporary kids’ fort, or where a grandmother was told to face a lawsuit because her daughter’s backyard playhouse was pink instead of beige?

And what about neighborhoods that sue to force homeowners to remove Christmas lights that are set up to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ?

That last question is actually pretty easy to answer. Jesus was not a maniacal egotist. He would never have demanded that humans set up displays to celebrate his birth. He would have preferred that warring neighbors just find a way to treat each other with love and respect, lights or no lights.

Ward Lucas, author of:

Neighbors At War! The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association