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Biggest HOA Scandal In Colorado!

One of the biggest HOA scandals in Colorado is that voters wanted an HOA ombudsman’s office created. The Legislature did so. But this office in DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) is worse than worthless. When my book, Neighbors At War, first came out I attended a seminar put on by the newly created Colorado HOA office. I was encouraged that such an office had been proposed. But halfway through the talk by the head of the State office the Southeast Denver Marriot Hotel,  I found myself standing up and confronting the head of this state office with his total ignorance of HOA controversies. He’s a state board member, and dumber than a box of rocks.

A Victory For Colorado Homeowners!

It seems like each state has a hero in the anti-HOA movement. Colorado has Stan Hrincevich. He has worked long and hard to get some kind of state control over the HOA scam. Here’s his latest update on HOA legislation in our state:

The HOA Property Manager (aka Community Association Manager (CAM)) licensing law was fully implemented July 15, 2015. This law provides homeowners a chance to help clean-up abusive industry practices and provide a forum for home owners to rein in violations of State law and HOA governing documents. HB 13-1277 is the licensing law.

So Many Important Things Right Now!

I guess it all happens at once. But there are some terrible HOA bills in the Colorado Legislature right now. This Legislature just meets for a 90-day session each year, and Colorado routinely turns out some very poorly thought out legislation that takes years to correct.

Colorado’s Homeowners Rights hero is Stan Hrincevich (try to pronounce that name!), but this guy is a real warrior in the fight against HOA injustice. Isn’t it interesting that legislatures across the country are finally hearing about the hideousness of the money machine that backs up Homeowners Associations?