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No More Flag Stories?

I may actually have to quit doing stories on HOAs that fine and foreclose on veterans who try to display the America flag on their homes. There are just too many of them. Despite my earlier promise to report on all these outrageous cases, I’d just end up doing several such stories a day and not much else.

So, I hereby reluctantly admit that the anti-American, anti-homeowner movement, CAI, Associa, American Bar Association, ACLU are too firmly rooted in our society to ever win back our right to display the flag on our homes. We might still be able to put flag decals on car bumpers, but that, too, is under attack.

Bimbo erections Eruptions in Arizona!!!


Sorry. I guess my strike through function doesn’t work on headlines

But Arizona’s Bimbo eruptions are the new American Vesuvius. First comes the gas, then the pumice, finally the lava. And that’s how you make a volcano (take that, L. Ron Hubbard!)

Near Tragedy At Palms West Condominiums

guest blog by Nila Ridings

This story sends chills down my spine. Shoddy electrical work that was done at this Hialeah, Florida condo complex swimming pool nearly cost some children and the adult rescuers their lives. City records indicate NO PERMITS WERE PULLED before this “electrical” work (should be called electrocution work) was done on the pool.

Once again, as we’ve heard thousands, probably tens of thousands of times, the HOA or condo board hired some “jack of all trades” (who actually knows little to nothing at all) to do a job that only a licensed contractor should have been performing. The risks are too high not to hire professionals! The consequences can be catastrophic and deadly.

Tell Someone You Love, They’re Stupid

If you know someone in the Bayhead Landings Property Owners Association in Pasco County,  Florida, do us all a favor. Call them on the phone and tell them they’re stupid. Fundamentally stupid. And they’re going to lose their shirts.

Board members in this HOA are out of their minds. They believe that federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities just don’t apply to them. They’re special, you see. Federal civil rights laws don’t apply to them.

Guts in California, No Guts in Florida

If an award could ever be given to the most irresponsible organization in America, top consideration would have to go to CAI, the Community Associations Institute. The institute has essentially clawed its way to the top of the political food chain, deceiving thousands of Legislators and millions of homeowners into believing it’s a benign organization meant to benefit homeowners. In reality, it’s a massively wealthy parasitic lobbying industry which is sucking the lifeblood out of 335,000 American neighborhoods. CAI is no friend of homeowners. But it, along with other huge lawyer referral agencies like Senator John Carona’s Associa, are throwing billions of dollars into the fight to keep legal control of the HOA racket.