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The Baby Is Sick!!!

I’m late getting this one up on the blog, since most of those-in-the-know already read this in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. But for the record, another of the Las Vegas HOA crooks has pleaded guilty. That makes thirty down with at least eight more to go. Ah, and four suspicious ‘suicides.’ And there’s absolutely no word about the judge or the other police officials who were supposedly implicated.

Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

The biggest corruption investigation in the history of Nevada, and one of the largest criminal investigations in the history of the U.S. Attorney’s Office is in danger of collapsing, with four years and millions of dollars of investigative efforts going down the tubes. The ultimate result will be the U.S. Government totally turning its eyes away from one of the biggest and most vicious frauds in American history.

A massive number of homeowners in the Las Vegas Valley have discovered the assets they thought they’d accumulated in their retirement homes were stolen…by lawyers, politicians, public officials, corrupt Homeowner Association officials.

Rats And Rants At Flamingo Crest HOA

guest blog by Nila Ridings
The rat traps are empty and the board is running from Las Vegas reporter Darcy Spears’ investigative trap!
Forget about sleep, says Kevin Ellis.  The scratching and chewing between the walls is so loud you can’t even hear yourself count sheep.  He’s been fighting this problem for years! Now, he’s cussing because his $200 monthly dues are going to the HOA arbitrator to fight against him while the rats’ feasts are coming closer to his flesh.  
Geez!  Imagine what could happen if they chew through the electrical wiring?  Or the platter of grandma’s homemade holiday cookies disappear in the dark of night right off the kitchen counter?  Where is the health department???
Just another thing to think about with HOA living.  If your neighbors have bugs, silverfish, termites, roaches, mice, or rats they can all become unwanted visitors to your unit via the common walls.

Due Process? Screw Process!

One of my angriest complaints against the HOA movement is the almost complete void of the recognition of this fundamental principle in the documents of a typical Homeowners Association. Due Process isn’t some newfangled thing invented by our nation’s founders. No, the concept of Due Process has it’s roots in the Magna Carta, a document developed by freedom minded revolutionaries who were trying to bring a tyrannical British monarch under control.

A Wonderful Thought!

This was sent to me by a friend of the Neighbors At War blog. I think it’s wonderful and describes perfectly what Homeowners Rights Advocates are up against!

’nuff said?
Ward Lucas