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The Worm Turns…. (Henry VI – Wm Shakespeare)

The victories are precious and few, but once in a while homeowners win a small victory against the fascists in HOA Amerika. An appeals court in California has issued a ruling that’s making the lawn Nazis twist in their graves.

The court ruled that all Homeowners Associations, when holding elections, must give homeowners with opposing views equal access to association media, when and if the board itself is taking a position in the election.

Amazing! This is one court in the nation that now says homeowners have rights. They cannot be shut out of the neighborhood newsletter or website. They cannot be shut up when trying to speak at the local board meeting when a campaign is in progress. The really stunning thing here is that a lower court ruled the exact opposite. But the Court of Appeals overturned the junk ruling from the lower court.

The Adams Kessler law firm, representing the HOA boards, adamantly opposed the Constitution’s Free Speech provision arguing that HOA boards have the right to stifle dissent during campaigns to amend the association’s by-laws. It argued that the HOA board was only “providing information” when it stomped on equal access provisions in California law.

The Appeals court essentially ruled that an association “board” is only a “member” of an association and does not have greater rights of access than any other member of the neighborhood.

Yes, it’s a subtle distinction, but no so subtle as to dodge the outrage of the Adams Kessler law firm. The Community Associations Institute routinely holds training seminars (think brainwashing) of the officers of HOA boards, during which it trains its puppets to always deny homeowners any access in newsletters, community bulletin boards or common areas if they hold an opposing view.

The Community Associations Institute is going to work its little black heart out to get this decision modified or overturned. CAI makes billions of dollars for its lawyers, its managers, its contractors, and its ‘training’ of board members. It simply cannot allow homeowners to regain any rights they lost to these fascist empires known as gated neighborhoods. And those billions of dollars will be thrown into the fight against this decision.

Still, my thoughts towards Adams Kessler: On this day, my friend, you lost.

The homeowners won.


Another HOA Blasted by an Embezzler

Yes, Virginia, there really IS a Santa Claus. Except that she lives in Prescott, Arizona, and she’s been heavily ‘gifting’ herself with wads of cash. HOA cash. At last count, the total was $33,000. She’s being asked a few questions by the local gendarme, but heck, it’s Christmas. And surely homeowners in the Beaver Creek Village POA would have given her that money anyway. Get ready, Suckers, for the special assessments.

More Las Vegas HOA Crooks To Be Indicted

Our buddy from Las Vegas sends us the latest news link (at bottom of this page). The Federal Prosecutor there will soon be indicting its last round of HOA scammers.

These are the guys, you may recall, who ran phony HOA board elections, got the fake board officers to start diverting millions of bucks worth of homeowners’ dues into the pockets of corrupt Nevada lawyers, police officials and building contractors. More than two dozen pleaded guilty; the feds say they may indict a dozen more before ending its racketeering investigation. It’s one of the most massive public corruption cases in the history of the FBI.

But the bottom line here is an awful one. It means the feds are wrapping up their investigation into HOA corruption. That is tragic news! They only looked into a couple dozen Las Vegas HOAs and found most or all of them to be fundamentally corrupt.

Folks, we have 300,000 HOAs in this country. If you think this same kind of Las Vegas corruption is NOT going on in every state in the country, then YOU are the fool.

Across this grand country of ours, countless numbers of HOA officials and managers have pleaded guilty to embezzling from gullible homeowners. And those thefts are never EVER investigated by the feds. It all falls on local cops who are untrained in complex organized crime investigation.

This squad of federal investigators in Las Vegas is now fully trained in how to flush out complex and sophisticated HOA corruption. When they disband their team to go back to chasing bank robbers and credit card thieves, we will all be the losers. The organized crime HOA network will go back to sapping the strength out of the American homeowner.

Sad, sad, sad.


Good Lawyers? God Forbid!

It’s not often that I post blogs from lawyers or law firms in the HOA industry. But when one of them truly ‘gets it’, they deserve praise. Jean Winters, an attorney who frequently blogs and answers questions in Florida’s Sun Central, occasionally shows a spark of brilliance. I’d be dishonest if I didn’t pass such material along.




Dear Friends,

Please, please consider signing the petition to restore Constitutional law to our private neighborhoods, HOAs, CIDs, POAs.  This is not a radical petition. It’s only a request that our federal government allow homeowners access to Constitutional rights that they inadvertantly signed away while signing their mortgage papers.

As stated before in the blog, George Staropoli’s petition is not radical, it’s only common sense. Protect your rights. Restore your rights. Please read George’s letter COPIED below.

=  =  =  =  =  =

From George Staropoli:
To the national advocate leadership:
Thanks for your efforts, now and in the past.  This petition is for  all of us!
We need only 150 signatures in order to have the petition appear on the We  the People website for all to see.   The turnout is  dismal.  Once we get on the site we can then expect a large response from  those truly concerned about the state of our Constitution.
I need your help to get to those 150 petitions.  Please urge the  people on your lists to get busy and sign the petition.  Tell them in your  own words why we must get the FEDS’ attention.  This is not  democrat/republican or conservative/liberal!  This our American system  of constitutional government created by the Founding Fathers without reference  to any political party!  This support from Washington is a legitimate  function of our Federal government, especially since the long history of state  legislative failures to uphold the Constitution demands federal  intervention.
We only have 30 days to get to 25,000 petitions, otherwise we have lost a  very important inroad to Washington and the national scene.  And CAI will  be laughing its ass off if we fail.  It is extremely important that you,  the national leadership, urge support for the petition.
Please pass this on to others.