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Nevada Trash!

There’s no other word to describe it. As the husband of a severely handicapped woman, I seethe with anger whenever I see abuse of the elderly, or abuse of the handicapped.

A lawsuit has just been filed in Las Vegas, Nevada by two handicapped elderly women, both military veterans, who are being hounded out of their HOA because they bought a van to accommodate their respective disabilities.

Illegal Handicap Van

Illegal Handicap Van

Board members of the Spanish Steps Lakeside – Park View Estates Homeowners Association have decided the van used by the women is an illegal commercial vehicle despite the fact that it has handicap placards. The women have endured two years of threats, fines, liens and lawsuits.

Is the Americans with Disabilities Act not written in clear enough language for HOA bullies to understand? I guess once you’re elected as a gorilla on the HOA board, your DNA actually undergoes changes. At any rate, the lawsuit linked below is worth reading.

(link to new handicap access lawsuit in Las Vegas)