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Thank You For Stupid People!

On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for stupid people. Without them I wouldn’t have much material to share with you on this website.

Some HOA Nazis in Altamonte Springs, Florida called the cops and told them there was an illegal mahjong game being played in the Escondido Community Condo Association clubhouse. Well, the vice cops hit the doors, busted up the illegal game and arrested the criminals, all ladies between the ages of 87 and 95.

Ya gotta love those HOA Nazis.

(link to CBS Tampa story about these old lady criminals)


Lawyers and HOAs

HOAs are lawsuit machines, not a doubt in my mind. And keeping neighborhoods all stewed up is all about full-time employment for lawyers. With that in mind, you’ll be stunned reading a column in last week’s USA Today.

(link to column on the lawyer cartel)


Las Vegas Cop Corruption

There’s an excellent column in the Las Vegas Review Journal about one of the sleazy cops who took part in the massive HOA corruption scandal. It’s linked below.

(link to Review-Journal column on corrupt cop, Kim)

Also linked is an FBI press release on its long-running HOA investigation. Supposedly, this was a ten million dollar swindle, but now the FBI is using the figure $58 million. The real losses are many times that amount because the Leon Benzer HOA swindle helped collapse the Las Vegas housing market and an untold number of people lost their homes and life savings. Someday, some smart investigator will start calling it the billion dollar swindle, which it clearly was.

How To Kill The Web: Copyright Law

A threat to all users of the World Wide Web is growing and it could catch all of us by surprise. The European Parliament is considering a change in copyright law that could impact hundreds of millions of websites. The same copyright changes have been suggested in the U.S. as well.

It’s called ‘ancillary copyright.’ Boiled down to basics, it means that websites violate international copyright law if they provide hyperlinks to other websites. In other words, if I give you a link to a publication that exposes a horrible HOA story somewhere I violate that publication’s copyright. The reasoning is horrible.