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A Victory For Colorado Homeowners!

It seems like each state has a hero in the anti-HOA movement. Colorado has Stan Hrincevich. He has worked long and hard to get some kind of state control over the HOA scam. Here’s his latest update on HOA legislation in our state:

The HOA Property Manager (aka Community Association Manager (CAM)) licensing law was fully implemented July 15, 2015. This law provides homeowners a chance to help clean-up abusive industry practices and provide a forum for home owners to rein in violations of State law and HOA governing documents. HB 13-1277 is the licensing law.

Just Follow The Money!

Whew! There’s a nasty dispute going on in the Cobblestone Community Homeowners Association in Atlanta. It’s a very tidy neighborhood of upscale Atlantans. But the HOA president and treasurer won’t release financial documents to show how dues are being spent. The neighbors want to throw out the board members and get an audit done. The HOA president won’t schedule an election.

The cops have been called. Neighbors have to meet in a nearby library. Watch the video. You have to admire the comments by the news anchor at the end of the story!


Thank You For Stupid People!

On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for stupid people. Without them I wouldn’t have much material to share with you on this website.

Some HOA Nazis in Altamonte Springs, Florida called the cops and told them there was an illegal mahjong game being played in the Escondido Community Condo Association clubhouse. Well, the vice cops hit the doors, busted up the illegal game and arrested the criminals, all ladies between the ages of 87 and 95.

Ya gotta love those HOA Nazis.

(link to CBS Tampa story about these old lady criminals)


When I’m Wrong, I’ll Admit it

Rumors are that the mastermind of the 60 million dollar Las Vegas HOA scam has reported for his federal prison sentence. I’ve long predicted that Leon Benzer would never, ever report to federal prison. He knows how to get in and out of Mexico. He once owned a tequila company there. With a 15 1/2 year prison sentence would he not be tempted to cross the border?

I’m still not giving up my suspicion that Benzer will retire to a Mexican beach. He’ll only serve half his prison time, anyway, so maybe he actually will show up. And the white collar criminals I’ve known have absolutely loved their time in prison. They’re worshiped as heroes behind bars. Of course, Benzer knows that. But we’ll see.

Las Vegas Cop Corruption

There’s an excellent column in the Las Vegas Review Journal about one of the sleazy cops who took part in the massive HOA corruption scandal. It’s linked below.

(link to Review-Journal column on corrupt cop, Kim)

Also linked is an FBI press release on its long-running HOA investigation. Supposedly, this was a ten million dollar swindle, but now the FBI is using the figure $58 million. The real losses are many times that amount because the Leon Benzer HOA swindle helped collapse the Las Vegas housing market and an untold number of people lost their homes and life savings. Someday, some smart investigator will start calling it the billion dollar swindle, which it clearly was.